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Top 5 Best Smartphones Of The Year 2022

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Xiaomi 13 Vs iPhone 14 screen and camera comparison – see who takes victory

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iPhone 15 may use a “holeless” design without a charging port

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It looks like all the rumours are true! Last night we reported that a local department store were taking pre-orders on the iPad, and that …

After a lot of speculation we have confirmation that the iPad will go on sale in China in only 10 days! Pricing details inside!

China Silicon Tech have just released and received FCC compliance on their new range of iPad covers with built in bluetooth keyboards.

China Unicom has leaked a possible release time frame of next week for the iPad in China and also suprising pricing details.

We take an exclusive look at the Android powered ePad to see how it compares to Apple’s iPad.

Most of these iPad clones aren’t very good, could the HaiPad be any better?!

China Unicom have landed the deal to supply iPad’s and iPhone 4’s to the Chinese mainland and are expected to launch the devices next month.

A new app from Pleco which allows the iPhone to ‘read’ Chinese text and translate it on the fly!! With video link.

Convert your 3G sim card to micro format and back again with this handy kit.

The latest iPhone 4 clone out of China runs Windows 6.5 on a Marvell 460Mh/z CPU

The latest in a vast array of Apple forgery is here and it’s taken shape as a sort of iPhone/iPad hybrid, at least on the …

The iPod touch is basically a 2/3rd generation iPhone only thinner and lacking the camera, gps and phone capabilites. Although it has been possible for …

This is a new section I just decided to write up. Every week or so we’ll post information and photos of a few cloned phones …

Don’t get your hopes up yet the iPhone 4 isn’t on it’s way to China (legally anyway) anytime soon. China Unicom have just released details …

Rumour has it that Apple are planning to buy the Chinese iPhone game developer Handseeing Information Technology L.T.D. It’s of no surprise that Apple are …

Foxconn are back in the public eye again after yet another worker has committed suicide! The victim was a 22 year old female who worked …

Foxconn Technology Group’s latest factory started production today (Monday 2nd August 2010) in central China’s Henan Province. The 100 million U.S dollar facility will primarily …

A $90 Android tablet from Shenzhen with Samsung GPS and 667Mhz CPU.

Not content with just knocking off one or two of Apples products, Chinese brand QingTing have cloned 3 major products including the iPad and even Apples website!