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blackview bv2000

Blackview are building their own Meizu M2 rival with a launch date coming up very soon. Here are the first details of the new Blackview BV2000 plus full specifications.

Blackview have gone for a rugged phone for their top of the range phone of the year, here is our Blackview BV5000 unboxing.

Blackview have shown their rugged BV5000 phone take abuse in a number of scenarios, but this latest video shows the phone survive a multitude of abuse and still come back for more.

Watch as the steady-handed folks at Blackview first disassemble and then re-assemble the Alife P1 Pro on tape for you.


Blackview will release 2 additional phones this month after already launching the rugged BV5000 smartphone.

blackview bv5000

Blackview have asked us to share details of their big BV5000 giveaway, where they are offering a total of 12 BV5000 phones up for grabs.

blackview bv5000

If the features ‘rugged’, ‘large battery’ and ‘style’ appeal to you then Blackview’s upcoming giveaway is one for you to watch.

blackview alife s1

Blackview have launched a new forum where owners and potential owners of Blackview phones can receive support, help and chat.

blackview alife p1 pro

Blackview have released an OTA update in response to complaints raised about the quality of the camera on the Alife P1 Pro.

blackview omega pro

At the start of the year Blackview released the Omega, the phone had a nice build, but lacked features and had a high price tag. The new Omega Pro rectifies those issues while getting a new lower price point.

blackview alife s1

What better way to start the week off than with a deal that saves you $20? Well that’s how we are starting things off with news of a new promotion from Blackview.

blackview global sources

If you are over in HongKong this October then perhaps you can get over to the Global Source Expo and see some of the latest Chinese tech on offer.

Blackview are eager to show off how tough the rugged BV5000 hence the above video showing the phone going through a serious of punishing test. …

blackview bv9000

When Blackview aren’t testing their latest rugged phone in a pot of paint they can be found working on the stunning Blackview BV9000 with 2K display and MT6795 chipset! Here are the first photos.

blackview Alife p1 pro wifi test

Blackview have posted a video comparing the WIFI signal strength of the Xiaomi Mi4, Samsung Note 4 and the Alife P1 Pro.

blackview bv5000 rugged phone

Blackview are so confident in the strength and durability of their Blackview BV5000 that they have subjected the rugged smartphone to a couple of bizzare tests.

blackview bv5000

Blackview are hoping to be your number one choice when venturing out in to the wilderness with a new rugged device called the Blackview BV5000.

blackview alife p1 pro google cardboard

After releasing source code for some of their phones and showing CyanogenMod running on the Blackview Crown, Blackview now demo Flyme on the Alife P1 Pro.

blackview crown

The good old Blackview Crown just got a new lease of life with a CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM for the phone.

blackview hero 1 action camera

Watch as the entire range of Blackview cameras, consisting the Hero 1 and Hero 2, are subjected to extreme temperature tests!