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Video unboxing and hands on of the Blackview Omega Pro smartphone with an update to 3GB RAM and Corning Gorilla Glass panels.

blackview r7

Blackview will be at MWC 2016 with an all new flagship model called the Blackview R7, here are exclusive images and full specifications of the …

blackview omega pro

Blackview have issued a recall for owners of Blackview Omega Pro phones that are suffering from SIM card issues.

Blackview Omega Pro

Blackview’s latest incarnation of the Blackview Omega Pro is on special offer from today until the 5th January at only $124.99.

blackview r7

Blackview release early details of the 2016 flagship Blackview R7 phone boasting a similar design to the LeTV Le1s and latest Mediatek Helio P10 chipset.

blackview phone offers

Need a budget phone, rugged device or all glass smartphone on the cheap? Blackview are offering special pricing on 3 of their device until 1st January.

Blackview have released updates for their current range of phones bringing optimisations and fixes across their devices.

top 10 sub $100 phones

If you are working with a tight budget for the holidays but really have an Android smartphone in mind then take a look at these …

blackview bv2000 review

Blackview have a steady stream of Android phones launching for all tastes and prices levels, but it’s the Blackview BV2000 that comes in at the most affordable but does the low-price mean it is worth buying?

black friday deals

We’re sure there are plenty of great Black Friday deals going on this weekend, and here are just a few that have been shared with us.

The Blackview Omega went on sale yesterday at $149.99 and is designed to be a stylish phone with a lot of RAM at a good …

blackview omega pro

Tomorrow Blackview will release the Omega Pro smartphone, an update of a phone that was released earlier in the year with more RAM and the addition of Gorilla Glass panels.

Green Orange M4

There are plenty of Chinese phone brands that we are all pretty familiar with, but what about all those brands we don’t hear so much about? Here are 10 new phones from China that you haven probably never heard of.

blackview bv5000 review

A growing trend has seen Chinese phone makers offer larger and larger batteries in their phones this year, we list 10 phones with larger than 3500mAh battery that might make the perfect Christmas gift.

blackview bv5000 rugged phone

If you are the owner of a rugged Blackview BV5000 then watch out for another OTA update starting today.

blackview bv5000 review

If you read our Blackview BV5000 review over the weekend and figured it might make the perfect phone, then the 11th November will be the perfect time to buy it.

blackview bv5000 review

Blackview mix power with rugged build with the Blackview BV5000 a phone that features a 5000mAh battery back, and water/shock resistant body.

blackview bv2000

At $69.99 Blackview say that their BV2000 model is the cheapest LTE phone on the market. Full details and real photos of this budget phone after the jump.

This week we have received a few new links to various videos aiming to prove the strength of upcoming and current Chinese phones. It got us wondering, how would you test the durability of a Chinese phone?

blackview bv2000

We all know that Chinese phones are getting cheaper and better all the time, but do the Blackview BV2000 specs hit the mark?