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All the latest Cubot smartphone news.

cheetah connect

At MWC, Cheetah and Cubot launched their first phone together using the hardware from Cubot and the apps from Cheetah, the companies are still striving to work together and are hosting a connect event in Beijing too.

Cubot Dinosaur is expected to appear on the market in the middle of this month and the technical department of Cubot has finished testing the …

cubot dinosaur

Phone maker Cubot plan to launch two new phones later in the year, one being the Cubot X17S and the other the Cubot Dinosaur.

cubot h2 presale

Cubot has kicked off the pre sales of the Cubot H2 with a special price of just $99.99 while also offering fans the chance to win one for FREE.

The rather chunky Cubot H2 takes a starring role in this latest YouTube hands on video, what do you make of the latest large battery …

cubot h2

Mid way through last month Cubot announced the surprising specs of their Cubot H2 smartphone,. The brand has now released real photos so what do you think?

If you read our Fresh Goods Friday feature last week you will have seen the Cubot Note S. Here is the unboxing of that new …

cheetah cubot

Cubot recently announced that they would be the hardware makers behind the Cheetah smartphone. So what will Cheetah bring to the table?

Cubot have released their 2 latest smartphones via a flash sale giving customers the opportunity to bag a new phone for as little as $49.99.

cubot cheetah mobile

The Cubot Cheetah collaboration was solidified with the launch of the duos first smartphone headed for European release at $220.

The Cubot H2 is the newest phone to join the big battery league of Chinese devices.

cubot cheetah

Cubot and mobile app maker Cheetah Mobile have teamed up to launch an octacore smartphone running Android 6.0.

For those of you looking to buy in to a sub $100 smartphone, Cubot have recorded a hands on video of their $79.99 Cubot Note S to take a look at.

cubot note s

Cubot are our of the gates strong for 2016, and are already releasing their 2nd phone of the year, the Cubot Note S with large battery and customisable rear panels.

cubot s550

Cubot are launching their all new smartphone, the Cubot S550 this Friday with dual glass design, fingerprint scanner and large battery.

cubot x17 review

Cubot burst back to life at the end of last year with the release of their uber slim Cubot X17. Just how good is the slim mid ranger? Keep reading our full Cubot X17 review to find out.

cubot s600

If a 5-inch phone with biometric security sounds good to you, then this 1 week offer on the Cubot S600 could be worth a gander.

If you’ve been eyeing one of Cubot’s many smart devices, then this is should be exciting news for you. Europe based smartphone dealer are …

cubot 550

Cubot’s new phones have shown improved build, and new materials, the latest addition will also show off touch fingerprint security.

cubot kilimall

Cubot and Kilimall have partnered up in a long term cooperation to bring Cubot phones to Africa through the 2nd larges E-commerce site.