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The first smartphone from Hafury can now be bought online for just $79.99 despite impressive screen and battery specs.

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Hafury’s Mix device is arriving in store on the 15th July for less than $70.

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Hafury Mix

Recently born Hafury company — Cubot’s sub-brand — are soon going to launch a smaller than usual (in a world of 5.5-inch devices) 5-inch phone named Hafury …

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Hafury Mix

With the current influx of the Xiaomi Mi Mix clones coming left and right you would probably expect that a phone named Hafury Mix is …

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Hafury Umax

Chinese brands are usually not the common sight on the US market, mainly due to missing network frequencies in the most models. But Cubot’s sub-brand …

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First phone ever from the new Cubot’s sub-brand Hafury just broke in to the presale period and while personally i’m a bit confused about the …

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Hafury Umax - Official Unboxing - YouTube_ -

Latest brand to come out of China — Hafury — has just released a video unboxing of their recently launched 6-inch Umax smartphone. Let’s check …

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Hafury Umax

Hafury’s first ever smartphone, i.e. the Umax, has come out with a large 6.0-inch display and a big battery to enjoy the content on the …

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Hafury Umax

The recently born Hafury brand — which falls under the Cubot umbrella — have just announced their first device to come into the market, it’s the Hafury Umax. …

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Hafury phones 2017

Hafury is the latest brand to enter the smartphone market and their first handset — the Hafury Umax — will be launching very soon, in …

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Hafury Umax

The new Hafury sub-brand started by Cubot just few days ago probably chose a bit confusing name for their first product, because Hafury Umax sounds …

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Seems like there will be one more brand on the mobile world map, or rather a sub-brand, because Cubot company decided to launch a new …

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