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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $500 – August 2019

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $200 – August 2019

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $100 – August 2019

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Apple’s secretive hold over their latest generation devices has slipped again! As we have spotted a whole bunch of new iPhone 5 phones complete with …

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Oppo have finally released images and official details of the new Find 3 Android smartphone, and it looks truly amazing!

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Apple are in trouble again in China for reportedly selling pre-owned iPhone 4S to customers at full price without warning them!

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Oppo’s upcoming flagship Android phone is still managing to stay out of the spotlight, however the specification of the Find 3 along with images of …

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Meizu have released a new firmware update for the Meizu M9. The update, along with some bug fixes, also brings the M9 a new MX …

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More iPhone 4S related violence has broken out today, this time at Apple flagship store in Beijing, forcing Apple to cancel the latest iPhone’s launch …

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The ability to take screenshots on your Android tablet or Android phone is extremely useful, however it’s not always obvious how to take a screenshot. …

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Lenovo have become the worlds first smartphone manufacturer to introduce an Intel Medfield powered Android handset.

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Changing the your Google account for Gmail and the Android market on your Android smartphone or Android tablet usually means performing a factory reset on …

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So you have found yourself with one of the many great Android tablets on the market, and have filled your SD card chock full of …

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While Apple fans wait with bated breath over the (possible) announcement of an Apple TV, Android fans can start redjoicing as Lenovo has just released …

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So you have your hands on one of the rather fantastic Meizu MX dual core Android smartphone, and you want to update the firmware to …

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As always China are late to the Apple party with the iPhone 4S now scheduled for an official launch 13th January, which also happens to …

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Oppo’s X903 replacement and iPhone 4S killer was leaked earlier, the Oppo Find 3, and at the same time images and specifications of Oppo’s low …

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Oppo may have flummoxed everyone with their new Android X903 replacement calling their second generation Android phone the Find 3. Specifications after the jump.

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The race is now on to see which company can launch their Quad Core Android phone first. We did think Meizu may have been able …

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ITG China are claiming that the latest version of the xpPhone, the xpPhone 2 Windows 7 Smartphone, is a true iPhone 4S killer! While the …

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This past Christmas week China managed to rank #2 for mobile apps downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.

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If you hadn’t already heard, Meizu launched their MX Android phone this past Sunday which drew crowds of thousands lining up before stores opened to …

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