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MGCOOL Explorer 1S

MGCOOL just launched the MGCOOL Explorer 1S, another 4K action camera that they’ll be adding up to their lineup. Enter to know the specs!

MGCOOL Explorer 2

MGCOOL begins this 2017 with two new cameras, the MGCOOL Explorer and Explorer 2. Both cameras can shoot 4k videos and more.

Elephone eleCam Explorer S

Elephone just released some info about the upcoming Elephone eleCam Explorer S. If you’re into action cameras then come read about it!

mgcool explorer 2

The MGCOOL Explorer 2 is an upcoming action camera from Elephone’s sub-brand, set to feature 4K video at an affordable price.

Chinese action camera maker Andoer have come out with a new 4K action camera that promises to make life easy with an included remote.

MGCOOL is willing to keep you company this coming Christmas with one of their products, the MGCOOL Explorer action camera, to be precise. To do that, …

Uhans U300

If you were wondering what the screen looks like on the upcoming Uhan’s rugged phone, then you’re in the right place.

If you need an action camera to capture your winter, MGCOOL might have something for you. Click here to know more.

Vorke Z1

The ability to turn your old trustworthy TV companion into a smart media center loaded with functions and content options is pretty appealing and gone …

Kehan C60 Pro

Sunday evening and it’s Coupon o’clock time and we have quite an interesting and big one for you today. The popular chinese camera enthusiast manufacturer …

Here’s your chance of getting the 4K-compatible SJCAM M20 at $86.99, down from the regular $116.99 ($30 off)!

yi 4k camera

If you are after a sports action camera with 4K video capabilities that will knock the Hero 4 out of the water then take advantage of this great pre-sale offer.

yi 4k action camera

Xiaomi’s new and updated action camera, the 4k-compatible Xiaomi Yi 2 was announced today. Here’s how it fares against the mighty GoPro Hero 4!

yi 4k action camera

Compared to the original Xiao Yi Camera, the new 4K model sees quite a price increase, but the device does ship with better hardware than the most advanced GoPro cameras.

elephone explorer pro

Elephone have added a very neat feature to the Elephone Explorer Pro to ensure you never miss press the record button, voice feedback.

Elephone’s 4K action camera, the Elephone Explorer is in the house and like other Chinese action cameras it comes with decent specs, a ton of accessories and at a low price.

Elephone Explorer

In their usual special offer role out, Elephone have started to sell their 4K action camera from $69.99, with pricing increasing as time runs on.

elephone 4k

4K video recording, 4K screens, 4K video out, there is a lot which 4K could relate to but what do Elephone mean by it?

vivo xplay 5s

The Vivo Xplay3S has sat at the top of the Vivo range for far too long, what we want now is the Vivo Xplay 5S, but are these leaked images and hardware details the real deal?