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After more than 5 months of trial, it has been announced that the OnePlus One would continue receiving Cyanogen OS updates in India hassle free!

elephone p5000 rom

Elephone have been making a song and dance about the fact they have tons of ROM options for the Elephone P5000, but where’s the proof? How about this video showing a couple of ROMs in the flesh.

elephone p5000 rom

Elephone are really embracing the development community that has sprung up around their brand, and thanks to private developer efforts 6 new ROM options will be made available for the Elephone P5000.

oneplus oxygen rom ui

Owners of the OnePlus One can look forward to two new OS options this March.

micromax yureka yu

It’s one we have been wondering about and a lunch which has much confusion in the tech world, and now here it is! So was the wait for the Cyanogen powered Yureka worth it?


India’s Micromax will launch their new YU smartphone on the 18th December running Cyanogen ROM.

cyanogenmod find7

Finally Cyanogen have come clean after their ambiguous statement last week, and have confirmed that OnePlus phones bought in India will not be getting CM updates.

cyanogenmod find7

After a worrying many fans in India, Cyanogen have come out to say that Indian customers of the global OPO will get CM updates, but what exactly does this mean.

cyanogenmod find7

The OnePlus One will no longer enjoy OTA updates to newer versions of CyanogenMod in India, thanks to CyanogenMod Inc. inking a deal with another popular company.

oneplus 2

OnePlus fans can’t wait to see the OnePlus 2, with some even producing their own concept ideas which address some of the design choices of the original.

oneplus one review gizchina

Anyone out there suffering from touchscreen problems with their OnePlus One will be happy to learn that the issues have been addressed with the latest OTA update.

oneplus one cyanogen

A recent OTA update to the OnePlus One contains two problems that conspire to drain your battery. Cyanogen are working on a fix!

oneplus one sandstone 64gb review

We compare the global OnePlus One running CM11s to the Chinese OnePlus One with ColorOS in our unboxing and first impressions review.