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Recently, someone supposedly leaked the specifications of the upcoming flagship device, though I do have some doubts on the legitimacy of these claims.


The popular leakers group called Upleaks have done their homework once again, this time bringing us an image of a new unknown device from Xiaomi.

not 5

Less than a day to go and the speculation and teasers continue with Xiaomi giving more hints about their upcoming flagship. It won’t be the Xioami Mi5.

xiaomi mi5 leak

More images of purported Xiaomi Mi5 rubber cases turn up on supplier sites in China, highlight a new design and features of the upcoming flagship!

xiaomi mi5 15th launch

Xiaomi will be holding an event in Beijing on the 15th of Jan (8 days from now) leading Mi fans to speculate at what could be at the launch, the top suggestion being the Xiaomi Mi5.

xiaomi prototype leaked

Just today we posted images which are believed to be of a future Xiaomi phone, and here is another possible spy photo of a future Mi phone.

xiaomi mi5

We were skeptical about the idea that Xiaomi could launch a new flagship phone at CES, but this purported leaked image is having us think again.

xiaomi mi5 leaked

Leaked photos from a production line somewhere in China show a new Xiaomi smartphone. Could the Xiaomi Mi5 already be in production?