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Yesterday Meizu and Canonical put the final touches to their agreement which will see the two companies release an Ubuntu powered smartphone.

ubuntu touch mx4

Ok, so if you are reading this then you are also one of the thousands who are really very fed up with the wait for Meizu’s Ubuntu phone, but all is not lost and your wait will finally come to an end early next year.

The cat is well and truly out of the bag, Meizu bosses have mentioned the Meizu MX4 Pro on Weibo, so it is time to look over those leaks and details with a fine tooth comb.

stunning new os Meizu

Meizu are finally teasing us about their next flagship smartphone over on their official Facebook page. The first teaser says we should look forward to a “Stunning New OS”.

ubuntu meizu mx3 mwc 2014

Meizu go on the record and answer some important questions about Ubuntu OS for the Meizu MX3 flagship smartphone.

meizu ubuntu

Meizu will be teaming up with Ubuntu once again to show the MX3 running Ubuntu at Mobile Asia Expo 2014.

Although we have seen numerous leaked photos and even video of the Meizu MX3 we have had nothing official from Meizu about the details until today.

Someone is going to great lengths to show us just how well the Meizu MX3 looks and runs with an Ubuntu operating system, but is this an official machine or a homemade hack? Video and photos after the jump.

It has been rumoured that Meizu could launch an Ubuntu powered Meizu MX3 at CES, although this hasn’t happened yet, further leaks here in China suggest it still could happen!

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