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Deal of the day. Up to 90% off, Office 2021 Pro for $24.25 and Windows 10 for $7.25. Today is the last day!

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Windows 10 Lifetime Genuine License $12,super 11.11 sale discount of 91%ļ¼

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Chuwi Vi10 Plus

Seems like the popularity of the tablets with the “Surface” 3:2 aspect ratio is growing and even gaining momentum, at least looking at the latest …

The Teclast X80 Pro is a super affordable tablet which runs both Microsoft Windows and Google’s Android.


In the tablet world the 2in1 devices are gaining more and more traction, because the value of Ā the attachable keyboard can’t be understated. So the …

Meet the new Vido W8C, an affordable tablet with Intel inside, and one that runs Windows 10 out of the box… all for under $100!

chuwi hibook 10 tablet

If you are in the market for a large screen Windows tablet then the next few days could be the perfect opportunity to get the Chuwi HiBook at a discounted price.

chuwi hibook

A few days back we had some early leaked press images of a 2-in-1 from Chuwi to share with you, today Chuwi have confirmed the name of the device along with the final specifications.

chuwi hi book

Chuwi are well and truly on the Windows 10 train with yet another device set to launch by April. Here are the first images of the Chuwi HiBook.

windows 10

The launch of the Xiaomi Mi5 might also have been the release of the 3rd Xiaomi product that will support Windows 10 suggests new rumours.

chuwi hi 10 air

Chuwi didn’t make an appearance at MWC but they did reveal some exciting news for fans of Chinese Windows tablets.

alcatel idol pro 4

Alcatel, the same people behind TCL in China are rumoured to be working on a new Windows 10 phone that boasts high-end hardware.

geatbest intel tablet sale

Gearbest are holding an Intel sale where Intel powered tablets running Windows 10 can be had on the cheap take a look!

chuwi hi12 launch

In an interesting move, tablet maker Chuwi have decided to live Tweet the launch of their 12-inch Chuwi Hi12 dual boot tablet.

xiaomi mi pad 2 windows 10

For those of you waiting for a Xiaomi laptop then you now have a chance to own one (sort of) with the release of the Windows 10 version of the Mi Pad 2.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Windows10 Tablet

Chuwi are holding a special event on 25th Jan for the launch of their latest 8-inch Windows 10 tablet.

telecast x98 plus

If these new Chinese Windows tablets have peaked your interested but 12-inch+ is just too much, then how about a 9.7-incher from Telecast?

chuwi hi12 ipad pro

Tablets are getting bigger for 2016 and two of the largest have met in the flesh. Take a look at the iPad Pro and the new Chuwi Hi12 tablet.

Chuwi Hi8 pro

Chuwi have introduced the new Chuwi Hi8 Pro tablet which takes some of the impressive hardware of the Hi12 and fits it inside a smaller 8 inch foot print.

chuwi hi12

There is a muted excitement about the Chuwi Hi12. This is a tablet that promises blistering performance and dual boot OS on a large 12 inch display.

chuwi hi12 launch

Happy New Year, and our first article of 2016 is tablet related with final full specifications of the Chuwi Hi12 Microsoft Surface alternative.