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Purported iOcean X9 specs are in! Include 5-inch display and 3GB RAM

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iocean mystery phone

A few days ago on the iOcean Facebook page, an alloy chassis from an upcoming model was revealed, not purported specifications for the new phone are in uncovering a smaller flagship.

Spy photos shows stack of money and an unlikely Mi Pad 2

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xiaomi mipad 2

After the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Note and Redmi 2 we wonder just when an updated version of the Xiaomi Mi Pad might be released, however we doubt that this is it.

Allwinner hoping to bring the cost of 4K video down with new 64bit tablet SoC

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Chinese chip maker Allwinner have unveiled the Allwinner A64 SoC for tablets which could bring 4K video support to devices in lower price brackets.

Cube iWork 11 is an 11.6-inch tablet with call features

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cube iwork 11

Popular tablet maker Cube have released yet another Windows tablet. The new Cube iWork 11 boasts all the usual Windows tablet details with the inclusion of call features.

Aigo X86 is a cheap Intel tablet with Retina display and MIUI

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aigo x86 tablet

Aigo are growing in popularity in China and have a range of phones, smartwatches, and tablets, the latest of which boasts an Intel chipset and MIUI ROM.

Dual Boot Wei Yan Sofia said to run Android 5.0 and Windows 10

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China could soon be home to a dual boot Windows 10, Android 5.0 smartphone named the Wei Yan Sofia.

The LeTV phone rumours aren’t dead! New leak plus possible launch date

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letv phone screen

Chinese video streaming site, LeTV have been connected to a couple of rumours regarding 3 possible smartphone launches, those rumours are still alive with another possible leak and news of a launch date.

Xiaomi teasing the launch of the Mi Pad in Malaysia

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mipad malaysia

Xiaomi’s Android tablet, the Mi Pad, hasn’t seen much action outside of it’s native China however new teasers suggest the 9.7-inch tablet is heading for Malaysia.

OnePlus post video teasing Lollipop based ROM

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oneplus lollipop rom

After leaked images of the OnePlus Oxygen ROM, OnePlus have posted a teaser video of their own showing a Lollipop based ROM on their OPO flagship.

Mystery Flagship Lenovo leaked with metal chassis, possible optical zoom

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lenovo k3 leaked

Weibo tipsters have leaked photos of a mystery Lenovo smartphone which may (or may not) be the upcoming Lenovo K3. Keep reading for more details.

This is the first glimpse of the OnePlus ROM UI

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oneplus oxygen rom ui

With a name chosen and development underway, OnePlus One users are desperate to see their phones new ROM, well here’s your chance with a first quick glimpse of the OnePlus Oxygen UI.

Meizu MX4, MX 4 Pro set to receive Lollipop update this March

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meizu mx4 pro review

Two of the most powerful Meizu phones are set to get even better with a Lollipop upgrade.

The Allwinner A80 powered H88 HummingBird is among the more powerful dev boards you’ll come across

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The H88 HummingBird is a super-powerful development board with an Allwinner A80 SoC and on-board GPS.

First leaked photo shows the Elephone P8000 next to the P7000

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elephone p8000 leak

Here’s another Elephone that can sit in the “looks promising” pile, the Elephone P8000.

Tudou launch 15.6-inch tablet in China

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tudou tablet

Tudou, another online video streaming provide, have released their very own large screen tablet at a bargain price in China.

Ulefone Be X goes on sale for $89.99

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ulefone be x

Ulefone set foot in the entry-level war zone with their Ulefone Be X costing just $89.99 to international customers.

Exclusive: UMi in talks with Flipkart to bring UMi Zero to India

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umi zero flipkart

UMi are in talks with E-commerce portal Flipkart to release the popular UMi Zero to India.

JiaYu S3 hands on and first impressions

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jiayu s3 review

Finally the JiaYu S3 has arrived with us and already we have a hands on video and first impressions for you all to take a look at! Enjoy!

Ulefone Be Pro hands on and first impressions

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ulefone be pro review

Another hands on today, this time I get to grips with the Ulefone Be Pro and come away pleasantly surprised.

Exclusive Elephone interview reveals new Elephone P7000 photos and stunning new features

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elephone p7000

Elephone P7000 news has been as rare as rocking horse teeth and there has been a reason for that, and as Elephone explained to us, users will be excited!