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Gionee pokes fun at Plastic Samsung Phones in latest advert

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Gionee have posted a new video promoting the Gionee Elife S5.5 that pokes fun at plastic Samsung devices.

Global OnePlus One Vs. Chinese OnePlus One: unboxing, first impression and comparison

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oneplus one sandstone 64gb review

We compare the global OnePlus One running CM11s to the Chinese OnePlus One with ColorOS in our unboxing and first impressions review.

Vivo Xshot unboxing and hands on video review

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vivo xshot review hero

Hands on video review, and unboxing of the camera-centric Vivo XShot Android smartphone.

OnePlus One Unboxing and hands on (Chinese Version)

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oneplus one unboxing

Unboxing and hands on with the OnePlus One. This hands on video and photos are of the 16GB Chinese versin of the OnePlus One, we will also be getting an International OnePlus One to test very soon too!

Video: Meizu show Flyme 3.0 for the Nexus 5

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flyme nexus 5

True to their word, Meizu have started to work on porting their Flyme ROM over to other devices. The first to officially get the Flyme treatment is the Google Nexus 5.

DIYers beware: OnePlus One teardown shows the phone isn’t all that easy to repair [at home]

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iFixit got down and dirty with the OnePlus One to find just how easy/difficult it is to repair the phone, and here are the results.

Video: When the OnePlus One takes a dip in a puddle of water…

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Video: What happens when the OnePlus One takes a dip in a puddle of water -

OnePlus One, the recent revelation from China, gets tortured, dipped in water and drenched in rain. How it holds up should surprise you!

Kikat Elephone P10 features and launch video

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elephone p10 hero

Elephone’s latest smartphone, the Elephone P10, is heading to stores soon. Here are the full specs and the official launch video.

Trendy Style L12S, budget smart bracelet goes on sale

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trendy style smartwatch

Designed as futuristic looking smart bracelet with OLED display, the Trendy Style L12S is a $30 wearable on sale now.

$199 octacore E-Ceros One unboxing and hands on

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E-Ceros One

Video unboxing and first impressions of the E-Ceros One octacore Android smartphone from Chinese phone maker E-Ceros.

Hands on: GooPhone S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Clone running Android 4.4.2

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goophone s5 samsung galaxy s5 clone

GooPhone have launched their clone of the popular Samsung Galaxy S5 and are sure to receive a lot of attention for it. So just how good is the GooPhone S5? We go hands on to find out.

Fan blames delivery company for missing OnePlus One

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Dishonest DHL employee the reason for missing OnePlus One? -

Could the delivery company be to blame for the missing OnePlus One from the viral unboxing earlier today?

Update: Courier to blame? OnePlus One Smash the Past contestant receives an empty box

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Video thumbnail for youtube video OnePlus One Smash the Past contestant receives an empty box -

100 fans of the OnePlus One and contestants from the “Smash the Past” promotion should be receiving their phones very soon, but one unfortunate got nothing more than an empty box!

Video: This is how the OnePlus One fits beneath the Sony Xperia Z1

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Before they launch the OPO, OnePlus posted the above photo of their “Flagship Killer” claiming that the 5.5-inch device sits under a 5-inch Sony Xperia phone, keep reading to see the video.

DOOGEE DG800 Valencia caught on camera, shows off rear touch and Android 4.4

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doogee dg800 valencia hands on

The DOOGEE DG800 Valencia turns up on video showing off it’s rear touch panel and Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system!

Exclusive: iOcean X8 hands on video!

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iocean x8 review

We finally go hands on with the first production version of the iOcean X8 to be released. Hands on video, photos and first impressions of this next generation octacore phablet.

$160 Octacore KingSing T1 Unboxing and hands on

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octacore kingsing t1 review

We get our hands on the octacore Kingsing T1 Android smartphone to see just how good a $160 octacore smartphone can actually be.

Video hands on with the OnePlus One, plus Style Swap photos

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oneplus one video hands on

To round up our OnePlus One launch coverage today here is a hands on video of the OnePlus One “Flagship Killer” plus a look at the optional Sytle Swap covers.

Meizu MX3 takes a beating from a horse, spanner, hose and cat in this destruction video

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meizu mx3 destruction test video

Russian tech site have been torturing Meizu phones again. The flagship Meizu Mx3 is the victim in this latest video, take a look after the jump.

RK3288 powered tablets get super fast 8 second boot; To ship starting next month

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A semi-functional prototype powered by the Rockchip RK3288 just got showcased at the HK Electronics Fair 2014, one that boots up in a matter of 8 seconds!