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Keybee First Look: One Handed Typing, But How Easy Is It To Ditch QWERTY?

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The Keybee keyboard has launched after being in development since 2012. We take a closer look at it and see if it really is a better way to type on a touchscreen.

Samsung S5 to come with bezle-free display

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According to reports from Korean sources, the next flagship from samsung will have bezzle free display. Samsung has been trying to develop this technology since 2012 where the whole screen is bezle free.

The GooPad Mini 2 is an iPad mini 2 alternative with 3G and voice calling capabilties!

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One of the most practical and usable screen sizes for a tablet is 7.85 inches, introduced by Apple with the original iPad mini back in 2012. Chinese manufacturers have wasted no time in adopting the form for their own devices out of which the GooPad Mini 2 is one!

Xiaomi has sold 10 million M2 series phones in under a year

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xiaomi mi2s review

Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun has just posted on his official Weibo that his company has sold 10 million phones in just 11 months!

The Goophone N2 won’t have a Quad-Core Processor!

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Do you remember back in 2012 when Goophone claimed that they will be the first to release a MT6589 quad-core Galaxy Note 2 clone? They even posted a video complete with typo’s and fake Antutu scores! Well after a long wait they have finally launched their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone, only problem is it’s running dual-core MT6577 processor not the quad-core they promised!

Will Google reveal the Asus Qube at CES?

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As we look back on 2012 there were a lot of technologies that seems like safe bets that just didn’t make it to market. One of the big 2012 disappointments was Smart TV products from Google and Apple. Fortunately for us, if the rumor mill, Google and the FCC spy reports are to be believed, we may […]

Zopo launching 5.7 inch 1280 x 720 Phablet in 2013

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Zopo have come from nowhere! In just a few months the company has a number of physical stores, a great online mall, a large range of phones and for 2013 they will launch a 5.7 inch Phablet with 1280 x 720 resolution!

AGSO SOMX Best Looking 7 inch Phablet of 2012?

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Chinese tablet/phone maker AGSO have an amazing design team and have always managed to wow me with their great looking tablets, and now their all new 7 inch phablet has me weak at the knees!

Leaked: New 13inch Macbook Pro Will Get 1280 x 800 Resolution Display and USB 3.0

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2012 13 inch macbook pro specifications leaked in China

With Apple’s annual WWDC just around the corner we are beginning to hear of rumors and leaks from around the web claming Apple will unveil a largely update Apple computer line up, and this leaked photo could be the proof!

13.3 inch Macbook Pro Air Spotted in China?

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updated 2012 macbook pro leaked with new design china

Take a look at these photos of what appears to be a new thinner 13inch Macbook Pro laptop with out a DVD drive. Is this the real deal or is it yet another knock off maker jumping the gun? Find out after the jump.

iPhone 5 To Get 1GB RAM larger screen Prototypes in Testing

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iphone 5 launch date,iphone 5 design,iphone 5 4 inch screen

Time to churn up the iPhone 5 (New iPhone) rumor soup with this latest morsel of juicy speculation!

Quad Core Huawei Tablet Leaked

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huawei tablet,quad core tablet,mediapad 10,huawei android tablet,huawei mediapad vs ipad

Quad Core Android tablets running Android ICS are going to be the norm for 2012, and according to a deleted Weibo message Huawei will be in on that party.

How to Watch 2012 Superbowl Free on Android

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For the first time ever Android phone and tablet users (as well as iOS users) will be able to keep up with the Superbowl on their digital devices completely FREE!

AOC Launches Environmentally Friendly USB Monitor

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aoc usb monitor,ces 2012,usb monitor,

Typically LED computer monitors tend to run off of main power, and are connected to your PC Via a display plug of some sort, however with AOC’s new 22-inch LED display this is all going to change as all it requires is a single USB.

Meizu MX Launching This Sunday January 1st

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Meizu mx launch date,buy meizu mx,meizu mx specification,meizu mx international,meizu mx quad core,quad core android phone

Believe it or not but it has already been a year since Meizu launched it’s first Android smartphone the Meizu M9, time sure flies especially when anticipation for the Meizu MX, which goes on sale this Sunday, is so high!

Acer To Launch 15-inch $699 Ultrabook

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acer aspire s3 lightning review

Following on from the success of their 11 and 13-inch ultrabook models, Acer are planning to launch a 15-inch laptop next year which will follow the same ultrathin, ultra light profile. Little is known about the 15-inch Acer ultrabook except a new Taiwanese company, Pegatron, have been contracted to produce them, which may go some […]

Quad Core Lenovo Tablet Due Early 2012

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More news has surfaced about Lenovo’s new quad core Android tablets, this time from tech site Digitimes, who are reporting the Lenovo super tablet could be on shelves as early as the beginning of 2012.

7.85-inch iPad Coming Christmas…… 2012….

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7.85 inch iPad coming Christmas 2012

Digitimes are once again at the forefront of iPad mini rumors, this time stating that Apple are on track to launch a new smaller iPad in the 4th quarter of 2012.

Apple Launching Retina Display Macbook Pro 2012

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Apple macbook pro laptop with high resolution display 2012

Sources in Taiwan close to Apple are reporting that the Cupertino company are planning a new Macbook Pro lineup which will launch in the second quarter of 2012, and if that wasn’t exciting enough these new Macbook Pro’s will sport Retina displays! Digitimes is reporting that Apple are planning a Macbook Pro refresh in the […]

iPad 3 Production To Begin January, shipping 3-4 months later

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ipad 3 to launch 26th January at iWorld

Digitimes are reporting that component companies producing parts for the current iPad, the iPad 2, are slowing production, while ramping up manufacture of parts for the next generation iPad model. Factories across China and Taiwan are gearing up for the iPad 3 (iPad 2S?) launch and supplying Foxconn with all the necessary parts so production […]