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Vivo X5 touted for August launch

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vivo x5

Not at all impressed with Gionee currently having the the slimmest LTE smartphone one the marekt, Vivo have started to tease details of a new phone named the Vivo X5.

First OnePlus One Phone Rumours hit the web

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oneplus cyanogenmod beijing

We are only a few hours away from the official announcement of the processor that will power the OnePlus One, so what a perfect time for a bit of speculation to hit the web.

OPPO N1 goes official in India with a 40k INR price tag

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After months of waiting and speculation, Chinese maker OPPO finally launched itself in the booming Indian smartphone market with their latest flagship — the OPPO N1.

Confirmed: Oppo Find 7 won’t have a 5.7-inch or 7-inch display

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oppo find 7 teaser

With the recent confirmation that Oppo will be launching the Oppo Find 7 soon, there has been some speculation about the screen size.

Samsung Hints Galaxy J Will be Hitting Taiwan As Early As Today

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Samsung released a short 22-second clip on its Taiwanese YouTube Channel Friday and the internet has been swirling with rumors and speculation about it ever since.

Xiaomi 1TB wireless hub estimated to cost just $130

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xiaomi wireless router

Images of the Xiaomi TV’s interface connected to the companies new wireless router have hit social networking sites along with estimated pricing!

China Unicom version (WCDMA) Xiaomi Red Rice gets network license

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xiaomi hongmi hands on

After much speculation and a few leaked photos, we finally have some firm evidence that a WCDMA compatible Xiaomi Hongmi is on the way.

Another possible Xiaomi Mi3 render appears with evidence!

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xiaomi mi3 concept

The Xiaomi Mi3 launch is under a week away, so there is still plenty of time for speculation, rumours, renders and photos!

Xiaomi Mi3 spy photos show the rear of the new phone for the first time

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xiaomi mi3 rear spy photo

With just a few weeks to go before Li Jun and Co. unveil the latex Xiaomi products leaks and speculation surrounding the Xiaomi Mi3 has hotted up and boiled over in the form of purported real photos.

Xiaomi Mi3 silicon cases on sale, more clues to what the phone will look like!

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xiaomi mi3 silicon cases

So the Xiaomi Mi3 doesn’t appear to be launching in August after all, but the leaks and speculation continues with the arrival of these purported Xiaomi Mi3 silicon cases.

Rumour: Xiaomi to launch MI3, Red Rice plus Xiaomi Smart TV on August 16th

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xiaomi mi3 august 16th

More Xiaomi talks and speculation lead some to believe August 16th is the date we will see the Xiaomi Mi3, Red Rice and the mystery Smart TV!

Hold on to your hats! The next Xiaomi could be a Mediatek Turbo phone!

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xiaomi red rice mt6589t

The legendary Xiaomi ‘Red Rice’ rumours have sparked up once again today with talk that the phone could be powered by the latest quad-core MT6589T Turbo Mediatek chip and be priced to give the JiaYu G4 a run for its money! Apparently July is the month we will eventually see the official unveiling of the […]

Xiaomi CEO confirms Xiaomi TV coming November 14th!

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There has been a lot of speculation over the rumored Xiaomi TV Android set-top box, but we can finally put some of it aside as CEO Lei Jun has confirmed his company will be offering the Apple TV like device, but best of all it will arrive in just 4 days!

5 Features the iPhone 5 Is Bound To Have!

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apple iphone 5 leaked design

Yeah! It’s iPhone 5 (or is it New iPhone?) speculation time! Here are 5 features we know the new iPhone 5 is sure to have!

iPhone 5 To Get 1GB RAM larger screen Prototypes in Testing

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iphone 5 launch date,iphone 5 design,iphone 5 4 inch screen

Time to churn up the iPhone 5 (New iPhone) rumor soup with this latest morsel of juicy speculation!

iPad 3’s Awesome Features Taiwan Animation Style

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apple ipad 3 features video

Tim Cook will be up on stage soon, showing off all of the great new features the iPad 3 has to offer, but let’s take a break from the sensible fact based speculation and take a trip in to the whacky world of rumors thanks to Next Media Animations iPad 3 animation!

Nokia Planing Windows 8 Tablets?

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Nokia CEO Steven Elop must be one happy chap at the moment. His company is now making phones which actually look worth buying, blogs are writing about them and the OS they are using is about to get a major upgrade! So while things are going well, let’s throw in some speculation about a possible […]

Transforming iPhone 5 Video Concept

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I like my Apple as much as the next guy (actually possibly not) but all this speculation over Apple’s next big thing is getting ridiculous! Earlier this year it was the iPad. ‘What will it do?’ ‘What are the specs?’ Fanboys got so worked up and pumped up about it that when it was actually […]

Don’t Go iPad 8 Hunting!

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ipad 8 herokin android tablet

Rumors about a possible mini iPad or 8” iPad from Apple keep surfacing and disappearing then re-surfacing again. Although it’s an exciting roller-coaster ride of speculation for us, the constant too’ing and fro’ing is too much for some, so much so that someone at Shenzhen based Herokin decided to stop waiting for a possible iPad […]

Is Amazon Planning Its Own Android Tablet?

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Amazon already have a huge digital empire spanning from books and movies to music and now Android applications so what’s the next step for the online retail giant? Well some think an Android tablet device is! Back in 2009 Apple had a large digital library of music, music and iPhone apps and speculation started mounting […]