It’s Nokia’s Turn: Cloned E66

The Nokia E66 is an excellent phone. It has a wonderfully slim and smooth to the touch durable stainless steel body.

The O.S and inferace are simple to use and understand, and it packs in all the multimedia functions you could ever want from this type of phone.
The screen is a large and vivid 2.6 inch QVGA model, which renders all of your photos from the built in 3.2 mega-pixel, auto focus camera beautifully on its 260,000 pixels.
Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity are there too, as are voice recognition, accelerometers for quick call silencing, instant messaging and ebook functions.
It’s a lot to pack in to the 13mm, mirror finished and laser etched body, but Nokia managed it!

Gizchina News of the week

And so did the clone makers!

The Nokia E66 in this post is actually an imitation, a clone, a copy, a knock off but, a very cleverly and extremely well executed knock off. Both the quality and finish are on par with a genuine Nokia E66 as is the specification, and functionality!

However, there is one very simple way to tell the clone E66 from the genuine Nokia E66. Follow these steps:

  1. Look at the store owner.
  2. Ask this question “How much?”
  3. Wait for the answer.
  4. If the owner replies 290RMB ($43) you know its a clone!

That’s right! 290RMB for a feature packed and very well made (imitation) Nokia E66!

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