Phone Clone of the Week: Lcnevo ‘Moon Cake’ Edition

You may have been under the impression that the Shanzhai brigade only copy or clone foreigner companies wares, but that isn’t so.

Gizchina News of the week

As we can see here with this clone Lenovo flip phone, even Chinese IP is no longer sacred.
What makes the LCNEVO i6 cell phone interesting isn’t just the obvious misspelling of LENOVO, but the festive packaging the white flip phone comes in. The box looks very much like the packaging of an expensive ‘Moon Cake’, the round doughy cakes traditionally passed out at ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’ during the first week of October.
The rather smart looking box even comes with a built in speaker meaning you can entertain your family and friends with traditional festive songs ‘on the go’.
The phone itself is your standard flip phone layout with a nice glossy white finish. 3G video calls and dual sim support being the only real standout features.

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