This Fake Tokyo Flash Watch is Shiny, Bright, Unreadable and CHEAP!

I really absolutely love the range of LED watches from Tokyo Flash. I love the fact they look so 1980’s optimistic futuristic. I also love the fact that Tokyo Flash’s design team have managed to take the digital watch, the easiest to read of all time keeping instruments, and made it nie on impossible to tell the time!

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Sadly my wallet can’t accommodate a watch priced from $240+ when a cheap Casio will do the same job sans the cool LED lights and head scratching when trying to tell the time.

What my wallet can swallow though is the cost of these fake Tokyo Flash LED watches, in fact at $8 a pop I’m tempted to buy all 7 color combinations (red, blue, black, white LED options with a choice of either chrome or smoke chrome bodies on some) for each day of the week.

Available online at

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