More Meizu Confusion! The M9 Has 0Gb Of Memory?

I’ve just come from the Meizume forum. A web forum which has over 40,000 dedicated Meizu fans, all of which are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new M9. These guy’s are the creme de la creme of Meizu fans, and have read and reread every tiny scrap of Meizu news CEO Jack Wong has fed them.
So why is it they still don’t know if the M9 has built in internal memory or not? And with only 2 weeks till launch?

The M9 is expected to launch in a matter of weeks, but details are still thin on the ground some fans have only just learned the M9 will have no camera flash, which was a big shame to them, others discovered that 3G is unlikely to work in their country due the M9 using the WCDMA China 3G standard and today fans are unsure of what (if any) internal memory the M9 will get.

The accepted idea was that the M9 would come in either 8Gb or 16Gb models, however it seems the phone itself will have no memory and instead will be bundled with Scandisk micro SD cards.
The 8Gb is expected to sell for 2500 Yuan where as the 16Gb will sell for 2700 Yuan, but now rumors are surfacing that a phone only package will be available for those who have there own stockpile of memory cards, possibly selling at 2300 Yuan.

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But then again this could all be rumor!

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So Mr. Wong, Jack some confirmation please?

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