HTC Flyer WILL Get Honeycomb…. Eventually!

HTC have been on Twitter this week answering questions to concerned future HTC Flyer owners, who are worried that the 7 inch tablet which will ship with Android Gingerbread aka 2.3 won’t get a Honeycomb upgrade.

However HTC have been quick to respond explaining that once the Honeycomb source code is made available to them they will work on an upgrade.

This news not only gives possible Flyer owners a bright future, but it also goes someway to giving the rest of us an idea of what factories really know about the tablet specific Honeycomb OS.

Gizchina News of the week

Although Google have been owning up about rushing Honeycomb out and claiming they don’t even know if the 3.0 source code will run on a phone’s architecture, we have HTC here claiming that their tablet designed around a phone OS WILL be able to fun Honeycomb!

If this is the case and manufacturers do in fact know how Honeycomb behaves on phone hardware, what is the real reason for Google closing the once open source operating system?

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