Shenzhen Foxconn Workers Arrested Over iPad 2 Leak

Apple are known for their secrecy regarding their new products, but despite strict measures to keep the latest iDevices out of the public spotlight before Jobs and Co. are ready to show them off, someone always seems to be able to leak details months before official launch.

The iPad 2 was no different with images of the latest Apple tablet finding their way on to the internet as early as December 2010 and dummy plastic mock ups and protective cases  coming to market months before its launch.

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Foxconn the makers of the iPad 2 have discovered that 3 individuals were responsible for the leak at the Shenzhen factory in South China and have had them arrested.

With Foxconn’s a rocky record when it comes to worker rights, with a spate of suicides at the iPhone and iPad factory, reports of worker abuse and poor work conditions leading to heath problems, is it really any wonder that workers there are happy to leak product details?

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Via: Arstechnica

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