GT6 iPhone 4 Doppelganger Looks as Good as The Real Thing!

Real of fake? Real fake? High end iPhone 4 clones are looking better and better!Another great iPhone 4 clone has arrived on the scene! Like the rest of these ‘high end’ imitation iPhone 4’s this model, known as the GT6, has some great hardware features, but also a couple of compromises.

Let’s look on the bright side of things first though shall we?

Even Mobile Safari looks real in this fake iOS!

The GT6 is like really a true iPhone 4 Doppelganger! The outward appearance is spot on as it that rather genuine looking clone iOS user interface!

The CPU is from Qualcomm, who is claimed to be the maker of the chips for the real iPhone 5, and the screen is a 3.5 inch HVGA multi-touch unit!

3G and Wi-fi are built in, but it looks as though this ‘iPhone 4’ doesn’t use its alloy external band (in this case zinc alloy) to act as an antenna, but instead uses an internal unit.

Gizchina News of the week

Gphone iPhone clone has front and rear cameras plus LED flash

There are also front and rear cameras, LED flash, plus a proximity sensor!

It all looks too good to be true!

But its isn’t! well except for the fact that the CPU is running at a rather sluggish 460mhz and that fake iOS is nothing more than a skinned Java based MTK system.

Gphone iPhone clone SIM tray

The GT6 gPhone looks to be going on sale very soon and if current high end iPhone 4 clone pricing is anything to go by, this swanky clone could be yours for around 1000 Yuan ($154)!

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  1. vinay
    June 10, 2011

    plz specify the address where to buy it…….. i googled it but some websites are showing its price is 299$