iPhone 5 Case Shows Next iPhone to be much larger than the iPhone 4!

iphone 5 case wide
These photos show the iPhone will be much longer, wider and thinner than the iPhone 4

Supposed photos of a leaked iPhone 5 case show it to be much, much bigger than the current iPhone 4!Leaked images of supposed iPhone 5 cases and even fake iPhone 5’s have been showing up for months, but nothing that we have seen has really convinced us that it they are real! But these latest photos of a supposed iPhone 5 (or iPod Touch 5) case look like they could be the real deal!

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The new iPhone 5 could be as thin as 12mm!

These photos, oringinally posted over at anycastsoultion.com show a much larger iPhone design may be in store for the iPhone 5.

iphone 5 case long
The larger body would house a larger screen and bigger battery

The measurements are in fact 65mm wide, 122mm long and 12mm thick!

iphone 5 case mute
The mute switch has been moved on the iPhone 5

Another change shows that the mute switch has moved to the opposite side of the body, while the camera and flash location stay unchanged.

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  1. August 28, 2011

    I can’t wait to buy the new iPhone 5, i have another 800 euros to spend.