Install Carrier IQ Detector Now!

If you are worried that your personal details such as location, websites visited, messages sent and possibly even passwords and credit card numbers are being logged by your Android device and sent to some unknown third person you WILL want to download this handy app!

The Carrier IQ saga has been quite a shock to most if not all Android users, but thanks to Android developer François Simond (supercurio) you don’t have to sit in the dark any longer!

François Simond (supercurio) application, called Voodoo Carrier IQ detector is available now for download at the official Android app store and warns users as to if your information has been passed on the any third party analytics company.

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The app is not yet fully finished with plenty of updates expected to appear over the coming days, but if you want to know who is getting your info and finally stop them, Voodoo Carrier ID Detector may just be what you are searching for!

To download Voodoo Carrier ID head to the official download page over on the Android Store or just click here.


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