Meizu MX Supply Problems? Updated

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Update: Meizu have been very good about this and have spoken to both us and the store which I visited earlier. Although I didn’t see the Meizu MX units and wasn’t offered one to try, both the store and Meizu assure me there are at least test units at all stores across China.

As we reported yesterday, via a press release sent to us by Meizu, the Meizu MX is scheduled to go on sale tomorrow 1st January 2012, however local stores in China have yet to receive stock!

While out and about in town earlier this morning I decided to pop in to one of the local Meizu stores hoping for an early hands on with the MX.

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In the store were a group of men pre-ordering the MX, and trying to trade in their Meizu M9’s, but when I asked if they had any MX’s in stock they said ‘No’.

meizu mx launch day,meizu mx supply problem,meizu mx 1st january,meizu mx delay,meizu mx shortagesI asked if they would have them tomorrow as it quite clearly says on the LED banner outside that 1st January is the launch day, however the manager replied ‘no’ again and he doesn’t expect them for at least another 10 days!

This is becoming quite a habit for Meizu, and over the years and certainly the past few months we have seen the company schedule launches and release dates only to break them with no explanation.

We have emailed Meizu (who told us yesterday all Meizu stores will have the MX tomorrow) and are waiting for their reply.

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  1. chengdude
    January 1, 2012

    The MX was scheduled to be available in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou today (January 1st). It’s going to be sold in Zhuhai tomorrow, January 2nd. Any Meizu fan paying attention to the Meizu BBS or contacting a store was aware of this. Other cities are scheduled for later dates with priority sales going to those who pre-ordered…and presumably shipping first to stores in bigger cities and with larger numbers of pre-orders. The banners were provided to stores to announce the official release date…up to you whether you think it’s deceptive advertising.

    Also officially announced: the M9 is not eligible for trade-in; only the M8.