iPhone 4S Smuggled in False Bottom Shoes!

chinese iphone 4s smugglers strap iphones to their bodiesSmuggling Apple products from the tax haven that is Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland is nothing new, but these smugglers are creating newer and more inventive ways to beat the authorities.

A few months ago we reported on how smugglers in Shenzhen China, had rigged up a zip line so that Apple devices, iPhones and iPads, could be quickly sent from building to building bypassing Chinese customs.

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Now, with iPhone 4S prices much cheaper in HK than on the mainland, smugglers have been working hard to… out-smuggle? each other.

New ways to sneak the Siri equipped iPhone 4S in to China include, strapping bags of phones underneath clothes, to even making shoes with false bottoms!

Watch this video to see how Chinese smugglers are trying to out fox Chinese mainland customs officials.



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