GooPhone i5 Full Specification Leaked!

GooPhone i5 Full Specification Leaked!


The GooPhone i5 looks set to be the new iPhone 5 beater in more ways than one if these rumoured specifications are any indication of how the new iPhone wannabe will perform!

According to sources close to GooApple, and various pieces of information we have personally gathered we already have a pretty good idea of the specification the latest GooPhone Android phone will get once it is launched, and there is a good chance that the GooPhone i5’s specification could be every bit as good as the real new iPhone 5!

As previously reported GooPhone are expected to use Nvida’s powerful and, now low-cost, Tegra 3 quad-core CPU in the i5 which will be running at 1.4ghz. 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM will help in the memory department, and there are rumors a 32GB version will be made available also.

black goophone i5 apple logo

The 4 inch screen, the same size we expect Apple to be using in the new iPhone 5 (the 6th generation iPhone) is said to have a resolution of 1280 x 720 which could actually be higher than the real iPhone’s which is rumoured to have a resolution of just 640 x 1136!

goophone i5 with ios 6 theme android ics

Android ICS (ice-cream sandwich) 4.0.4 will be loaded on the GooPhone i5 as standard, but this won’t be any old Android ROM, but rather a customised version of ICS to give the OS the look and feel of iOS 6!

While we still don’t know if the genuine iPhone 5 will get 4G, we can be pretty certain the GooPhone i5 will not, but all the other data and navigation options should be accounted for including Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, AGPS along with 3G and 2G network support.

goophone i5 android iphone 5 knock off

Cameras are likely to be on par with the new iPhone 5, unless Apple are planning to up the ante with a 12 mega-pixel rear camera that is, and both the i5 and iPhone 5 are expected to share a similar 8 mega-pixel rear, 1.3 mega-pixel front camera arrangement!

We’ll bring you more on the GooPone i5 as we get more details!

While you’re here what would your dream GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 killer specification be? Let me know in the comments sections below!

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  • Logi_Ca1

    Going with the Tegra 3 might be good since binaries for it are widely available, due to it being used in the Nexus 7. We might see Cyanogenmod 10 for this sooner rather than later 😉

  • Logi_Ca1

    To add on, I wish that they have a non-iPhone lookalike model. Buying this phone makes me feel like a Apple wannabe who couldn’t afford an iPhone… Which this phone is probably aimed towards. :p

  • farookb4u

    this phone already available n shipping on chck it out! thy hav only 32gb version! price around 300 USD

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    Now all we’re missing is Siri, wonder If this device will have something similar?

    @Logi_Ca1, a new iphone 5 (6th generation) would only cost $200 on contract, and this clone will most likely be more than that unlocked, so there is no longer any excuse, this phone is more expensive than the real deal, BUT In the end you’ll be saving tons of money, because off contract it’ll be anywhere from $700-$1,500, not to mention people getting ripped off for contracts, data plans,etc so I plan on using this with an unlimited prepaid plan with unlimited Talk, Text, Data for $40 per month. Good enough for me!

  • Flipitos

    Battery is the most important part of this and there’s nothing told about it….. As for me I’d have to buy an unlocked iphone and enjoy it no matter the price!

  • Mot

    Which WCDMA frequencies are supported?

    This is the one spec of all the China phones that is always vague and/or blatantly incorrect.

    For example the JiaYu G3, some sites say quad band, some say 850/2100 and some 2100 only.

  • Freeje
  • Lima

    I like this goo phone I5 thanks for made this phone unlock you are the god good lock

  • Logi_Ca1


    If I wasn’t going for the iPhone, I will get the iPhone 5 subsidised with a recontract, take the iPhone 5, sell it for about $700, and that will let me buy a GooPhone i5 with some change leftover. 😀

  • yea buddy

    atleast 4G!!!! whats the point of all that power if you cant pull up and search in a flash….pandora? netflix? torrentz (android based obviously torrentz)? pc mirroring? list goes on with fast data transfer….put the antennae in there anyway!!! theres LTE and 4G outside of china and thats where your marketing the product in the first place……if your gonna do something, do it right…..

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    I honestly don’t think China will have 4G phones until a competitor decides to put a 4G antenna inside the phones. Once that happens, and others see skyrocketing sales, others will copy & follow suit, similar to the current trend of cheap dual core unlocked phones. It’ll happen sooner than later, my guess Is maybe In 2013

  • Nirmal Mirpuri

    What will be the price?????? It seems impressive as far the specifications go. If it is priced rightly then it should sell very well.

  • bill

    all of you are stupid. the design is hideous. absolutely hideous. and a customized version of android further fragments the os.

    I guarantee the phone will feel as cheap and insubstantial as all other cheap Chinese cloned pieces of trash.

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    @Bill if you don’t like it, why are you here wasting your time on typing, and bashing other members?

  • Deezy

    Definately hoping to purchase this when it comes out, does it have gorilla glass? LOVE the retina display and refuse to leave android thats what im all for with the gooapple, i wish they would make an android 4.3 inch screen phone with the retina display though….

  • Jibran

    It looks very impressive but still not mentioned that, if this Goophone I 5 is with Retina display? Secondly, the original I Phone 5 is 4G LTE but, what about this? I don’t think it is. Another thing is the processor is Dual Core MTK 6577 however, on some sites also mentioned Quad Core MTK 6589 but, how to purchase as not mentioned on Goophone website.

  • Sebastiaan

    I found some interesting info about their new product on their forum. They post all their announcements there