Newman N2 Pre-orders begin 22nd November only 1000 up for grabs!

Newman N2 Pre-orders begin 22nd November only 1000 up for grabs!


We reported last week that Newman were gearing up to launch the Newman N2 quad-core Android phone, and it seems the wait is almost up with the company announcing N2 pre-orders will begin in just 2 days!

As is the case with these pre-sales, only a limited number of phones will be available (1000 in this case!) and those eligible to order must either be in China or have a shipping address within China.

If you are lucky enough to be able to order an Newman N2 on the 22nd November you will also receive a 200 Yuan accessory pack for free too.

The Newman N2 is a $240 Android smart phone with Samsung Galaxy S3 slaying specs! It comes powered with a Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core CPU, 4.67 IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and Gorilla glass, 1GB RAM, 4GB on-board memory, 2MP front camera and a 13 mega-pixel rear camera!

  • Visite the Newman website here for more details!
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  • Lu

    U are sure it is only 240 $ ?

    • In China yep 😉

  • broli

    I think this will sell out in a matter of minutes

    • With only 1000 up for grabs I bet they will be gone in seconds

  • Hrtr

    I saw pre-sale on the site, they are reliable?

  • tony5664

    and when exactly is the official sales begin? and will the price stay the same after the pre order phase is over?

  • Ahmadcentral

    Was there not going to be 2GB of RAM?

  • haron

    give me price for iphone 5