Umi X1 gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM Download Links

Umi X1 gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM Download Links


The UMi X1 just got a killer new feature! Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it’s available for public download now!

Before any of you decide to download and install the latest version of Android of the UMi X1 please take note that I have just found the news myself, and have not tried it. As this is a beta there are likely a few bugs in the system and it might be advisable to wait before attempting to install on your phone if it’s in daily use.

Judging by the screen shots here, Android Jelly Bean for the Umi X1 bring a new theme to the phone, the rest of the ROM is likely to come with your standard JB features, but might also have a bit of bloatware in the way of Chinese apps.

Let us know your experiences with the ROM in the comments section below!

Don’t forget you can enter our UMi X1 give away here, but be quick as the closing date is 1st December!

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  • Nick

    It’s still in BETA…

  • Nick

    Great news man , Finally jellybean for the umix!
    But Andi can you make a quick tutorial on how to install the rom?
    My Chinese isn’t that good.

  • niko

    miui first beta also release today, great

  • Gabril

    is love UMI 😀 they are great 😀

  • eddy

    How to install this shit ?

  • Davoos

    Can somebody tell me if this Jelly bean update will install me a Chinese ROM/English ROM or multilanguage? Thx

  • JQ

    Who is producing this ROM? Where can I find information of it online?

  • Nick

    After rooting the phone using the rootsoftware above, I installed the jellybean rom
    But now my umi won’t start up
    What now?
    please help

  • Greg Tay

    Does not work. Stuck at android boot animation. Changing to Samsung style ROM.

  • Nikos L.

    Can anyone tell me how to install a new rom? I ordered a umi X1 but I am new at rom installation….

    • eddy

      Rom doesn’t work.

  • Guy

    Hey Guys is there any one who knows which rom of the UMI X1 support Hebrew menus?