Blackberry Z10 gets accused of copying Chinese phone, could be banned in...

Blackberry Z10 gets accused of copying Chinese phone, could be banned in China!


We’re use to seeing Chinese phone companies making clones of brand-name devices, but have Blackberry turned the tide with the new Blackberry Z10 which looks like a KIRF of the Chinese JiaYu G3!

For any avid Blackberry fan, you might find the idea of a company the size or RIM stealing design ideas from a little known Chinese phone maker, but that’s exactly what some are suggesting with the recent leaks of the Blackberry Z10.

Keen eyed Chinese phone fans have been quick to point out that the Z10 holds more than just a passing resemblance to the popular JiaYu G3 Android smartphone which launched mid-way through last year.

Take a look at the photos below:

jiayu g3 delays will you wait
The JiaYu G3 launched last year in China.
blackberry z10 leaked photo
Did Blackberry copy the JiaYu G3?

While it’s highly unlikely that RIM did steal any designs, JiaYu might not be so willing to forgive the obvious similarities between it’s 4.5-inch, dual-core phone and the latest Blackberry, and could very well attempt to block the phone entering the Chinese market.

If this happens it would be a crushing blow for Blackberry, who are looking at China as one of their growing markets at a time their market share has never been smaller.

Thanks to Gizchina commenter YePal for the tip!

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  • YaPeL

    You’re welcome andy! I still can’t believe it

  • XrainX

    I think this is just more advertising for and from the JiaYu company.

    They can make some marketing based on:

    „We, JiaYu, are so good that even Blackberry is inspired by us!”

    „JiaYu, the source of newest Blackberry products!”

    „Blackberry: just an expensive copy of JiaYu. We are first. And cheaper. Save your money, stay with JiaYu, the original!”


    • Airyl

      I lol’d sooooo hard. Never liked Blackberries anyway.

    • YaPeL

      lol, fine by me, as long as they don’t start charging more, and hurry the stupid pace

  • njren

    This is a joke, right? If there’s one company in the world more inept than Jiayu at meeting deadlines over the past year or two, it’s RIM. The Z10 has been under development a heck of a lot longer than the G3, something RIM would probably be embarrassed to point out. You can find leaks of varying believability all the way back to late 2011 and it’s likely any one of those were the “inspiration” for the G3.

    • YaPeL

      Yeah well, I’ve been following the BB10 phones, and none of the leaks looked remotly like the JiaYu but this one.

      • Mike

        Bahahaha china doesn’t create nor innovate they just copy others then make cheap crappy version ” made in crapina”.

        • Airyl

          Umm, brains and eyes are things you lack, I guess.

        • well China has their own search engine, social network, browser, email provider, anti virus, messenger, and voip. what do the u.s. puppet regimes, and its allies have? (ie france, japan, taiwan, hong kong, south korea) they are all too weak, and use google, skype, avast, facebook, and gmail. by the way, China also sent a man into space, has their own cell phone frequency, and their own satelites. none of the u.s allies have anything like this. does that mean europe, australia, canada, japan, and south korea are not creative or innovative? europe, canada, and australia all use the windows operating system. does that mean europeans, canadians, australians, and japanese are not innovative or creative? or are they just submissive little biches?

      • Leo

        Look at the date of the article January 31,2012 the design for the London has been around since 2011 but small design changes have been made to it.

        You obviously haven’t been following well or your just talking out your ass

  • Bnpyc

    Funy. JiaYu took their design from different phone.

  • dohoho

    If this follow through Apple and many other big manufacturer with KIRF problem can kick the snot out of all other chinese phone maker, including Jiayu.

  • Jim

    No… design for the Z10 was leaked in January last year… this supposed phone they copied came out afterwards.

    • XrainX

      Jim, you must understand that chinese cannot copy from a picture. They need the real thing. To make a copy from a picture too much brain, experience and talent is needed and when objects are smaller them must to have very small tolerance to obtain a perfect fit between components.

  • geHuC

    First time i saw the G3 i thought damn that looks like the BB London “leaks” that were floating around at the time 😀

  • Fel

    China is uber-quick in pointing out even faintest of similarities as long the bad guy isnt chinese. obviously as a walk thru any market or shop reveals… design IN China is usually based on mocking up foreign designs.
    Another hinderance is Chinas unique laws…ask Starbucks…

  • thesniper321

    LOL blackberry are you serious??

  • I don’t think that anyone would consider this sort of claim against RIM seriously.

    Blackberry OS is VERY unique, and the design that they’re claiming is copied is quite minimalistic.

    Only Apple has the hubris to persue a “rectangle with rounded corners” claim. 😉

  • Thomas Christiansen

    Both of those are coppies of the Oppo Find 3

  • it’s a JY-G3!!!