Huawei G520, quad-core 4.5-inch phone costs $224

Huawei G520, quad-core 4.5-inch phone costs $224


Huawei have managed to change most people’s perspective of Chinese phone makers only producing low-cost phones, and are now rivaling more established brands such as Samsung. Huawei haven’t forgotten their routes though and for Chinese New Year will launch the Huawei G520.

While the Huawei Ascend D2 and Ascend Mate occupy the high-end phone market, the G520 is aimed at the more affordable scale, while still offering some of its costly brothers features.

At the heart of the Huawei G520 lies a quad-core CPU, but rather than using their own 4-core unit in this phone, Huawei have chosen for the more cost-effective Mediatek Mt6589 cpu clocked at 1.2Ghz.

There is also a good size 4.5-inch IPS display, although it is unclear if it is a 720 Hd unit or a cheaper model.

The rest of the specification though has had to take a bit of a pounding due to the quad-core processor and larger screen. The rear camera is a 5 mega-pixel sensor and not the 8MP units we are used to. And there is only 512MB RAM, while most phones at this price have around 1GB.

Of course the Huawei G520 isn’t going to be a legend in the Antutu world, but that quad-core processor will offer plenty of performance, but more importantly be more efficient than a dual-core chip for a similar price.

The Huawei G520 will go on sale in China only from 21st January for 1399 Yuan ($224).

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  • Diqiu-Long

    I would add another 488 and buy the Huawei Honor 2 which got an good 8MP camera, 2GB off ram and the faster A9 Huawei cpu.

    I guess they probably going put in this phone an QHD screen, but who knows they put an 720p screen inside.

    The 512MB Ram is alittle less I think.

    • I was looking at Huawei Honor 2 prices here in China yesterday, I’ve seen them as cheap as 1500 Yuan! ($241) I would def go for one of those over this!

      • Diqiu-Long

        Oh really? I have bought mine 2GB Honor 2 for 1888 yuan ( including shipping ), I guess these cheaper Honor 2 are the 1GB version.

        I don’t know where you searched, but my quick search on taobao shows the lowest price is 1660, but its a new seller,so I wouldnt trust them and I guess 1500 yuan is price almost to good to be true.

        But I can highly recommend this device, it works great, is very stable and great battery life, they also already released emui with Android 4.1.2 which also looks great if you like simple interfaces.

  • wilkem

    wow! who wants a quad with 512 ram and 5mp cam, lols.

  • Only 512Mb of RAM? mmm… no thanks.

  • Bas

    512MB ram is odd.
    I’m very pleased with my Huawei G500, with a MT6577 and 1GB ram.

    Would definately consider upgrading to a G520 with 1GB of ram, but 512MB is a real no-go..

  • Syed Wahab Shah

    it is a brilliant set how can i use google play also can i change the baidu language to english