UPDATE! Top 15 1080HD Android phones from China!

UPDATE! Top 15 1080HD Android phones from China!


Oppo Find 5

oppo find 5 hands on

The first to launch, one of the first to hit the market, and one of the first Chinese phones to really show the world what China is capable of!

Oppo Find 5 specifications

The Find 5 checks all the right boxes, there is a Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel Sony Exmor Pro rear camera and a 5-inch 1080 display! It’s been getting rave reviews all over the worlds, with some reviewers claiming it’s the best built smarphone they have ever set hands on!

Why we like the Oppo Find 5

oppo find 5

Oppo have been building up to the Find 5, and their handwork has really pulled off! They have launched one of the best Android smartphones from any manufacturer, they did it before almost all other companies and they have kept pricing affordable. The Find 5 is already on sale in China, the international version is coming soon.

Koobee Max

1080 koobee max

The Koobee Max is still under development, but from what we have learned about this new phone, manufacturers such as UMi and iOcean should be a little worried!

Koobee Max Specification

We don’t know all the details for the Koobee Max, but what we do know is that the design is similar to the UMi X2 but with what appears to be a much narrower screen bezel which should make the phone easy to hold. We also know a Mediatek MT6589 processor will be running a 5-inch 1080 display and the rear camera will be at least a 13 mega-pixel unit.

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Why we like the Koobee Max

koobee max mt6589 phone

The Koobee Max is the underdog here, we don’t know much about the phone but they seem to be on the right track, and if pricing is reasonable we expect to see plenty of Max’s out on the streets.

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  • Martin

    Anyone know where to get the Lando X02

    • Przemo

      It’s called NARUDO X02

  • Maheen

    Is uredeal.com reliable?

    • Good question. Which stores are reliable? What are your experiences?

      • Richard

        ordered a umi x1 and 2 jiyau G3s from uredeal there service was awesome !!! would use them again for sure when ever i had problmes always offered me discounts spare batterys on next orderes etc..

  • Ivan

    Где все эти телефоны??? Больше половины из этих телефонов не известно когда появятся в продаже, если они вообще будут продаваться в 2013 году. Продавцы только обещают, а покупателям уже хочется новые телефоны. Я ждал UMIx2 . Не дождался и купил NEXUS4!!!!!
    Продавцы теряют потенциальных покупателей!!!!!!!
    Where are all these phones? More than half of the phones do not know when available, if any, will be sold in 2013. Vendors only promise, and buyers already want new phones. I waited UMIx2. Do not wait and bought NEXUS4!!!!!
    Sellers lose potential buyers!!!

    • germain

      potomu chto ty durnoi kacap

  • Muhammed

    Wow the Lando is really eyecatching. Awesome! And thanks for this great post Andi!

    • My pleasure glad you liked it 🙂

      • ronald Johnson

        Hi Andy loved this review this to me is the top site if you like Chinese phone’s and I do just bought my fourth last week had it scince Tuesday I bought the OPPO find five wow it’s got to be the best phone to come onto the international market when it launched LA st Thursday the site went down quicker than the Titanic sold out within fifteen minutes and is now taking per bookings with a three to four weeks wait. I don’t think OPPO expected the response. think I’ll be keeping this phone for a long time and it’s thanks to your site that Chinese phones are gaining popularity globally. well done mate cracking site.

        • Thanks mate glad you enjoy the site and happy with your phone 🙂

  • Tapas

    Umi X2 launched in india @14000 INR (260$) !!!!!!!!!

    • Suresh C. Agrawal

      when UMI X2 launched in India and where
      we can buy. Please inform. Thanks

  • ivo001

    What would be the best cheap 720p 4,0-4,7 inch quadcore smartphone? I’m thinking of buying the Jiayu G4.

    • aaa

      looking for the answer too – waiting for some more info, maybe upon releasing something will clear up itself – im going for 4,0-4,2 inch quadcore phone with 1gb ram and good battery

    • Yvan

      +2GB RAM, good build quality, battery, may be some extras (NFC,OTG,OTA), good display… 🙂

  • Nayf

    Lando X02 is being released tomorrow according to this site: http://mobile.it168.com/a2013/0220/1454/000001454946.shtml

    • Muhammed

      Great, we all know Chinese lol

      • Lol, but if you’re on chrome, you can just translate that page 😛

  • nice
    but they are never available…only preorder preorder preorder
    till the next new release

  • Saw some hands on videos of the Alcatel Idol X, and surprisingly… it looks quite slow and unresponsive 🙁

    Just makes me hope that not all the MTK6589’s are like that. I do like the design language of the Idol X though..

    • Apparently, based on GSMArena’s hands on time as well, the screen of the Idol X is even better than that of a Sony Xperia Z, which is frankly quite an achievement.

      • Allanitomwesh

        Any screen is better than the Xperia Z’s.

    • anon

      Did you see the phonearena hands on? on theverge the phone looks pretty snappy.

  • PeterP

    Nice article. 🙂
    As it’s about 1080p phones, I would have thought you would have written about the different 1080 displays available. Sharp is supposed to be the best, and I’ve seen the Sony Z and was underimpressed by it’s bright light viewing and told it’s greyness is something to do with the launcher!
    Also, there are a few 13mp sensors out there. Some are budget some are Sony Cmos, some cmos bsi hdr.
    Probably it’s possible to find the specs of the 15 listed, and of course some are still not released. Great article but next time would love to see a tiny bit more detail or info about 1080 displays in general. Lack of release dates I think somewhat unimportant because it’s about 15 very new phones. I’m sure they will all be out soon.
    An article on 13mp sensors or 1080 screens and which is best would be nice.

    • Hi, Peter. Good points, once the details are available I’ll revisit the article. Cheers

  • FTP

    Is UMI X2 with a 2GB RAM confirmed?

  • Muhammed

    Exactly. I’m curious about all those 13MP cameras. I don’t see much quality difference on a picture taken by the Oppo Find 5 or a Galaxy S III or iPhone 5..

  • Freeje

    The Lenovo looks nice. Looking for a phablet now with a 6 inch screen. Found out that my S3’s screen is a tad small for browsing web pages.

    Anyone knows if this 5.7 inch phone made by a Chinese company named Jajatong is real? This is the link – http://www.jajatong.com/.

  • Fabrizio

    Why do you keep calling it Lando? It should be Narudo
    And Alcatel is from France, not china …

    • Alcatel are made my TCL (a Chinese brand) and most Alcatel phones are available under the TCL brand first. Narudo is the brand Lando (兰度) is the model. E.G Narudo = brand Lando = model X02= version

  • Sere83

    Nice round up. The truth is though for international customers looking to purchase from the usual exporters(merimobiles,uredeal,lightake,fastcard, android-sale, etc etc) your looking at about $300+ minimum for all of the 1080p MTK6589 devices and a whole load more for Oppo ZTE or anything using higher end Qualcomm CPU’s. While $300 is still not that expensive, its certainly nowhere near these magical $160 price tags some of these manufacturers are quoting, and given that the MTK is basically no more powerful than an older high end dual core cpu device from some of the bigger names it makes you wonder if it is worth it.

    • Anonymous

      If you live in places where you can get $299/349 Nexus 4 straight from the Google Play Store these things are terrible deals in comparison considering how scummy Chinese dealers can be.

      And chinese phone makers really, really need to stop putting their fugly logos on their phones. Trust me, your stuff WILL sell as long as the specs are good for the price when you aren’t trying to turn potential customers into laughing stocks when they pull out their phones.

      • Jake

        I have to agree buying a phone at around $300 really isnt worth it. also if any defect to the phone in the near future or Dead phones on arrival. you have to deal with the scummy Chinese dealers…my take on this is like what Sere83 said. makes you wonder is this is worth it, when you have name brand phones coming to us in the USA with a price point of 300 to 350/ for me ill pass i dont need the headache of Chinese phones.

  • G mannuh

    I would be very pleased to buy one of these phones from you!
    How about updating us a little on your facebook about the progress^^

    • No progress at the mo. Still trying to work out the most cost effective and reliable method of shipping the phones.

    • Nice find! I’ll make a post about this today! Thanks!

      • they have again added some pics..!!
        looks good…waiting for your review..

  • Nayf

    I followed the Narudo Lando X02 launch on Weibo yesterday. The main news is that the standard X02 will be shown in Shenzhen on 15th Mar for a hands-on experience, before being available on order at the end of March ready for an early April shipping date (4th of April I think, can’t remember exactly). The bling version has been delayed by two months, so don’t hold your breath too long for that one.

    • Cheers for the info 🙂

    • Did they say where they will show the phone in Shenzhen ? Would love to try it first before buying it.

  • camera shootout please!! 😀
    that would be one hell of a post…!! all beasts fighting for camera supremacy…waiting for it…

  • Sry Andy but the 13Mpx camera sensor is not the same of the Nubia neither than the x7…

    The first one is the Sony Exmor SR sensor, the second one is an Konika minolta sensor and lens, and don’t know the x7 iOcean sensor but i think that is not the same!

    Any question: Is posibly a new model Newman n3 with a 5 or more inches fullHD? thx!

  • Andy

    Does ZTE announce official time of Nubia Z5 release date?

    • On sale now as far as I know, but only in selected cities and through the Nubia stores.

  • Fred

    Hi Andi,
    Do you have any idea how to ship a phone INCLUDING battery? I’ve got a few friends in HK and Shenzhen who can buy it, but from what I remember Hong Kong and China post won’t allow batteries to be shipped via airmail (to Australia). Any ideas?

    • Mee

      That is why most seller ship by Singapore Post.

  • Guru

    I’m going to be in Hong Kong next week. Would Sin Tat Plaza in Mong Kok be the place to go to check out these phones if they’re available? If so, can anyone recommend a shop in there where I can purchase one? Thanks in advance.

  • Arsalan

    So which is the best and cheap out of all these phones. Please help, I want to buy one. Thanks.

  • Dax

    Can someone tell me when will Lando X02 (gold version) be released?

    • Allanitomwesh


  • Vincent

    Where I can buy Lando X02 or 02P ??? need badly. When they will release ??

  • Arun

    Apparently Umi X2 16GB Low end priced model is slated as coming soon to Indian Markets!!!!!

  • Rob

    Hi Andi, can you tell us which of these phones actually supports dual sim dual active?

    • When I discover one yes. Chances are the G4 and UMi X2 could be, but we won’t know for sure until review samples are released.

      • HakunaMatata

        Anything new?

  • Sreekanth

    how can i order umi x2. What is the guarantee for my payment.whether the payment is secured.

    • From an online reseller, but no one will have stock yet

  • Bruno

    Hey Andi,
    Please make a list of top phones with smaller displays (<5 inch)!

  • davide

    Hi Andi 🙂
    First of all thank you for all the rewievs and news
    Now I have a question for you: which is the best phone between all of them?
    I need a quad core with 1400 GHz and 13mpx camera 1 or 2 mpx front facing camera 1080p screen otg and a huge battery
    I searched for almost 2 hours on that site, but there are a lot of phone and I can’t choose, then I thought to ask a piece of advice to an expert…
    Post Scriptum
    I have a budget of 250€=320$

  • Arsalan

    So which of these are out for sale right now? And which is the best one?

  • Arsalan

    @andy: when will be neo n003 available… I want to buy the premium version.

  • Dr.radhakrishna

    Sir, where I can purchase Landox02 in shanghai as I am visiting there next month? Dr.cr. india

  • Hi Andi,

    May I know which of these phones (or which Chinese android phones) have the best/biggest battery?


  • Arsalan

    Can Andi or anybody tell us which of these phones have support and active forum? So that if there is any problem or you want to root, one will get help. I know so far Zopo has a help and support… I think the others leave you on God’s mercy. Please reply.

  • Qidamin

    Finally I have bought a ZTE V987 Grand X Quad. I have found some websites for root and custom roms. Only issue is that I had 3 dead pixel, I am waiting for a repair or replacement, but the phone seems quite nice.

  • Gabriel TX

    Anyone know if any of these phones suport HDMI/MHL ????

  • uzziii89

    Hey guys, Please tell me what phone is better jiayu g4 or umi x2 , i want buy next week and i dont know what to do, i appreciate your answer, thanks.

  • sharad

    You should include Wammy Passion Z to that list.

  • liran

    Hi andy, this phones are support LTE.. 4G?

  • pa5t1s

    Hello Andi,
    Here is another one that you should point out: FAEA F2.
    As usual today, it’s still ‘pre-order’ or ‘out of stock’ 🙂 but, you know.
    Specs look great…

  • landosearcher

    hi andi! can you recommend any website where can i purchase lando and be shipped internationally? thank you very much!

  • kurt

    were can I buy these phones from

  • Samuel Noel

    All these great phones you show but what are some reliable websites to buy from?
    Besides Android-Sale

  • I’m not sure why but this web site is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and
    see if the problem still exists.

    • yup running a bit slow today

  • thomas

    Think its time we get these yummie looking phones from this site.

  • Maga
  • Alex

    Hi,!! thanks fot his awesome article, I have a question. Where I can buy this smartphones?
    I live in Spain, Greetings!!

  • Harald

    These phones are huge

  • Mario

    A great roundup. I think once I find a 2gb quad phone with MHL and LTE / 4G I will be very happy. Screen res and physical size is secondary though.

  • HakunaMatata

    Which companies do have EU store so i can buy without additional taxes. I know Oppo (Find 5 only) and Zopo have them. Any other?

  • dhenny

    can you tell me where i can buy china android phone in singapore…

    • dpow7

      go sim lim plenty there

  • Kenny

    I’m curious to find out what blog system you’re working with?
    I’m experiencing some minor security issues with my latest blog and I would like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any solutions?

  • Njoi


    I have a budget of 250 US.

    FAEA F2 OR THL W200 OR INEW i4000?

    Requirements in order:

    1. Build quality
    2. Battery life (Yes, I know …)
    3. Rear Camera
    4. Screen clarity
    5. Audio chip (I listen to alot of music using good quality Sennheiser)

    That THL W200 is teasing me but I’m slightly put off by the 1750mah juice pack.

    Any thoughts most greatly welcome.


  • Ben

    What about the Faea F2 a Full HD 5″ 441 ppi Sharp display 1G RAM 4 G ROM for $199. You can also buy directly from the manufacturer at http://www.faea.com

    You can also get the Faea F2s with the 1.5Ghz Turbo processor for $250. Price is the most important factor for me.

  • mikey

    Ok guys, here’s a question for you…. How do you go about insuring these Chinese smartphones in UK??

  • Val

    Thank you Andi for your reviews.
    Question: How to buy CDMA / LTE – Verizon compatible cell phones from China (Verizon has the largest coverage areas in US). Most phone have GSM standard. I think that Google Nexus 5 should have both?

    Appreciate your help

  • dpow7

    i hv gotten a ule p6+ the speed and screen will just blow you away with a beautiful aluminum side.with pretty good 2800 battery . singapore with 1 yr warrenty . also having NFC and OTG support. why buy brands when u could roam easily with 2 sim support anywhere in the world.i hv just spend 15pound in uk for 2 weeks with 1gb data not even half used. dun be a scapegoat from yr home teleco rip off. singtel charges $30/day data. worst !it scap with its partner support in UK

  • Best detailed
    new search engine (startup) for promotions and discounts about high end Chinese
    smartphones ($120-$180)- better than iPhone 6 Plus or