JiaYu G4: Everything we know and all your questions answered!

JiaYu G4: Everything we know and all your questions answered!


The JiaYu G4 is currently the most anticipated quad-core MT6589 phone of any manufacture today (check the poll here), and with it’s great styling, high performance and low-cost it’s easy to see why. So what else do we know about the JiaYu G4?

What processor will the JiaYu G4 have?

The JiaYu G4 will be JiaYu’s flagship MTK (Mediatek) phone for 2013, and as such it uses the top of the range quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor running at 1.2 Ghz! We know from leaked benchmarks from the G4 and similar phones that this chip, together with at least 1GB RAM is capable of Antutu benchmarks close to 13,000!

Jiayu G4 leaked benchmarks

For more information about the Mediatek MT6589 quad-core processor, have a read of our full resource here.

How much RAM will the JiaYu G4 have?

The JiaYu G4 will come in two options. A entry-level “Youth” model which will cost 999 Yuan ($160) and a top of the range ‘Premium’ model which will cost slightly more. The cheaper ‘Youth’ model will have 1GB RAM while the top-of-the range ‘Premium’ G4 will have 2GB RAM.

What screen does the JiaYu G4 have?

jiayu g4 720 display

Unlike most manufacturers JiaYu have decided that the G4 won’t get a 5-inch full HD display, and have instead designed the G4 with a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 panel. This screen offers 720HD which for the size should look stunning and thanks to IPS technology, viewing angles will be superb. The screen is of course a multi-touch unit, has a PPI (pixel per inch) of 312 and boasts OGS (One Glass Solution) technology.

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  • Norman Zakaria


    • Glad you like it 🙂

      • Andy K.

        hey there dig the site.
        my question what is the official weight of this phone, with the battery? ( and without the box LOL)it seems that the weight claims vary


        Andy K.

        • Jake

          hey no offense with my next question but Andi are you getting commissions from the banners here on your site? if you are then your reviews are what we call a conflict of interest. please comment. thx

          • I wish I was then I could spend more time on working on the site 😉

  • malik82

    good job andi

  • ryan

    hey andi !
    well this post does clear a lot of doubts but yes I am in India but i have aa cousin in taipei, will the G4 be available at the same price ?
    will it be cost effective for me to ask them to buy it for me and ship it over ?

    • teja

      dude we Indians getting this phone for the exact Chinese prices … JIAYU is now official in INDIA . expected release date will be april 15.

      • ryan

        hey teja thanks man!

        • Darren

          I’m so jealous..man

          • ryan

            why bro ? not available for you ? well even for us it is a bit difficult to get them cuz most of them are available online and all through pre order usually. I mean its way better to check it out like get a hnads on before you buy it you know.

      • yash3339

        Can you confirm the presence of Jiayu in India?

        • They might have a distributor but it won’t be owned by JiaYu

  • T.boar

    I realy appreciate your work. Thank you a lot for giving us the infos.

  • Brian from Manchester

    Thanks Andi, pulls together all info which is available at this time into a coherent whole

    • Rayovlight

      Hi message for Brian – Saw a post from Andi that you have a g4 working in the UK. Mine arrived yesterday but only seem to be able to connect to 2g. I was wondering if you were using a regular sim or a micro an don which network/how its going. Im on vodaphone with a larger sim and only getting 2g so have ordered a micro sim.. Would really appreciate if you have any tips advise etc on your use.

  • Rob

    If JiaYu are willing to give me a G4 then I might be willing to test the network capabilities in Europe.

  • Anuj

    You are great Andi…I wish they provide upgrade to 3000 mAh Battery in youth model…please update us when you get any news about it…
    And you just rocks…!

  • Abir

    Well there was news that Jiayu was going to release its whole lineup in India by March end. Lets wait and see if that happens and if it does then I am getting the UMI x2 and Jiayu g4 premium as both are quite cheap 🙂

  • Norman Zakaria

    ANDI! When will you start opening up a Gizchina online shop?! This was discussed when Jiayu G3 launched n that we would all rather buy from you than anyone else.

    I’d really love to be able to buy a gadget from u even if you only sell 3 or 4 gadgets.

  • cpurage


    “What networks does the JiaYu G4 support?
    Pinning actual definite network support down is very tricky. As the JiaYu G4 is intended for the Chinese market, JiaYu haven’t yet confirmed or denied which networks it will support. However, from what we know of the MT6589 chip, and specifications of similar phones we predict the G4 will support GSM (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) WCDMA (850/2100Mhz). Please note that this is not for certain and you should double-check once the phone is launched.”

    We need to check out ?! Andi we rely on you and your colegues and we are waiting the best (gizchina.com) to create review of the phone when you having it in hands and please make sure that you will snap a shot on MTK engineer menu Bands and will show us the WCDMA section 😀

  • Marius

    I have a question. Will Jiayu ever release source code for the kernek running on their Android phones ?
    Legally they should.

  • Enigma

    I can confirm that my Jiayu G2S (which officially only supports 3G @ 2100Mhz) has the exact same boxes ticked at the band screen as Cpurage’s phone. Does this mean my phone also has 3G support @ 800-900 Mhz?

    • cpurage

      Yes if all the boxes are checked on 800/850/900/1900/2100 the G2S have 5 band WCDMA support 😀 😀 😀

    • cpurage

      And I really thank you for that confirmation, cause I was going to buy the white version of this phone to my wife and now I’m SURE that I can buy it !!! 😀 😀 😀 Thanks alot Enigma !!!

  • Airyl

    Hi Andi. Really psyched for the JiaYu G4, and pretty much all the great CHinese phones coming soon! UMi X2 video has been uploaded to Youtube by Antelife, seems to be real!

    • anon

      Umi X2, a 5″ 1080p phone is smaller, in both width and height than Newman N2. Looks like the 135 x 68 x 8.9mm size is true after all since N2/I30 is supposed to be 137 x 71 x 10mm.

      Also, the UI looks smooth as butter and the 3D benchmark looks fine for a 1080p phone, Umi really has done it.

      • anon

        Also, reading the Youtube note seems the phone in the video was just a sample with 1GB of ram and 4GB of internal hard drive (I refuse to call it ROM, Read-Only Memory), which also explain the beta quality OS (evidently by the redundant soft button which Umi said will be removed on the production unit)

        • Airyl

          Shame they’re removing the soft touch buttons, I prefer those far more than on-screen buttons.

          • anon

            Why? They have no benefit whatsoever beside eating precious screen real estate.

          • Airyl

            I meant I don’t like the on-screen buttons.

          • Airyl

            Also, is it just me or do the JiaYu G4 and UMi X2 share the same UI?

  • Whyzor

    The Iocean X7 5″ 1080p MT6589 phone looks even sleeker and lower priced than UMI X2:


    • Airyl

      I prefer the Umi to the iOcean, simply because the Umi is thinner and the curved shape will make it easier for me to hold it.

  • wolfspirit

    How many mbps will have?

  • Manpreet Singh

    Brilliant! Good Work.. Answers most of the questions one may ask. Will finally give up my Samsung GS2 for this(if the first wave of reviews come out positive) 🙂

  • Ray

    Hey ANDI ! I really like your website. You are so quick and regular with your updates. It helps me a lot. Thanks.
    Please help me out with my questions. Please be patient coz it’s kind of long.

    I’m confused between UMI X2 & JIAYU G4 flagship. Both of them will be released here in India on 15 March & April for Rs. 14000 & 13600 respectively.

    Pros of UMI X2 over JIAYU G4 – Slimmer 8.9 mm vs 10mm, Bluetooth 4.0 vs 2.0, USB OTG support (confirms chinapadmall) , Camera aperture 2.0
    Pros of JIAYU G4 over UMI X2 – More sensible 720p screen + 3000 mhz battery i.e. Way better battery life, better Built, Ideal Screen size 4.7 in. comfortable on hands.

    1) So can you make sure that JIAYU really has such an “outdated” bluetooth and no OTG support (as pandawill confirmed me)
    2) Is it possible that Jiayu might have camera as good as Umi (great sample pics as I’ve seen)
    3) Is Umi as reliable as Jiayu. Umi x1 user complains – Very Slow or maybe fake gps (pandawill), Cracked screen (your site). Or should I even go for chinese mobiles ?

    MY NEEDS – 1) Videography & photography, 2) OTG (atleast pendrives), 3) Bluetooth, 4) Battery & Built like Jiayu. I trust Jiayu more but the specs dissappoints me.

    Thankyou very much in advance. Cheers !

    • I might be heading to the JiaYu factory next month 😉 so I should be able to at least let you know how the G4 performs 😉

      • Ray

        Thanks a lot. 🙂

      • Norman Zakaria


      • Marius

        Andi did you ever ask Jiayu or any other Chinese manufacturer about Linux kernel source code. This is pretty nice to have and it’s an obligation given the GPL 2 license of the kernel.
        Is it too much to ask for them to release it ? The only ones that do are TCL ( Alcatel ) but if they can so can Jiayu and others.

        • No, but I will ask

          • Marius

            Please do, it would help modders and developers a lot. I think they can at least release it later or for older products.
            It’s also a question of image here, at least in my opinion as every serious manufacturer out there releases the source code and respects the GPL license.
            Thanks , I appreciate it.

  • bm

    i´´m looking for a phone like this one, but i need it to be compatible with 3G WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHZ. I´m living in Argentia, whe have the same 3G frecuencies as AT&t USA.
    could you help me and let me know which models are compatibles with this frecuencies? I will really glad and would appreciate your help.
    best regards,

    • charlyx

      im from argentina too and have the same question. thanks andi

  • Andi, mainly because of you I am a very happy owner of a Jiayu G3 in Brazil [yeah, 3G works here]…
    I was anxious to see the G4 and you gave me all I needed to know, you are always the best source for understanding Chinese phones…
    Great Work!!!

  • newbie

    Actually, a few questions:
    Obviously a newbie just want a good valued smart phone
    1.what to look for to ensure the phone works in western Europe. Any tweak necessary? Or just change language and is good to go?
    2. if tweaks are necessary, possible to put an article on how to. It has been a month since any update there.
    3. how about the latest comparison of the top 5, dual core(quad core), dual sim, 4.0-4.5 screen smart phone.There is a group that really want to carry a mobile phone not a phablet.
    4 seem like there is little comparison with brands on your site about lenevo , huawei, …. or I did not read enough. Or they are just not price competitive considering the spec
    5 possible to put up a list of official site of the popular ones eg jiayu, neo, oppo, meizei…..(chinese or english) for the uninitiated.
    Any feedback from the forum experienced are welcome Hard for the uninitiated and non-techniek to navigate the chinese smart phone maze.

    • Bouvrie

      I second #3. I myself am in the market for a good mobile phone and the lack of a structured view of my options is rather frustrating. My ideal phone would have the following specs:
      A) Android 4+
      B) HDMI/MHL output
      C) USB-On-The-Go (OTG) (ideally simultaneously with MHL-output and charging)
      D) MKV playback (720p, ideally 1080p too), even over WIFI (n)
      E) Camera >5MP, LED flash & 720p recording (1080p preferred)
      F) Display <4.5", resolution around 720p.
      G) Radio, ideally without headphone requirement
      H) Dual Sim (at least dual standby, ideally dual active)

      I am beginning to think there is no such phone:
      – Spec C) with simultaneous OTG and MHL would require more than the default 5-pin MicroUSB port. AFAIK, only Samsung has this (11-pin port) in specific models (Galaxy S3, Note), yet they don't support simultaneous use without their proprietary dock.
      – Most phones offering USB Host/OTG support aresport a pretty big screen (5"+), and I don't want to carry a big phone in my pocket.

  • Aaron

    in which store do you think i have to buy the ,,Premium“version to ship at germany ??

  • Dave

    Sounds good. Thanks for your articles. Is there anyone who knows a good and trustworthy retailer in Shanghai, where I can get such phones?

  • Im from México and I want this phone Jiayu G4

  • atfos

    first I must say that you are doing an excellent job here altogether. I am very interested in Jiayu G4 and cannot wait to get one, however my concern is the quality of GPS reception. There are many people complaining about it with Jiayu G3 and this is very important to me because I need it to be of good quality as I use software for tracking my cycling activities. I would buy even the G3 if I was sure that GPS (satellite) reception is decent. So, if there is other Chinese phone strong in this department please advise me. Thank you.

  • Andrew Wu

    it’s really a very nice website. Nice work Andi !..
    About this jiayu phone, I’m really confuse about the real official jiayu webstore. Can you give me information about their official webstore ?

    • The official one is in Chinese here: http://shop.ejiayu.com/ they don’t have an English one yet.

      • Hi Andi. I would like to ask if this site can be trusted?
        They offer a $90 coupon with a $100 value.

        • I’ve never used them

          • stevy k

            hi andi, great blog, do jiayu ship internationally, and also do you know the manufacturer of the camera used in the G4, Thanks

            • Not yet they don’t. But as they have an English site in the making this could change

        • Marius

          The deal’s probably valid but think about it this way. You get to save 10$ only and you’re commited to buying from them at their price which you don’t even know what it is….
          I wouldn’t do it.

          • anon

            And they’re overpricing the basic model of G4 in the first place, so yeah, it’s practically a scam (though whether you’ll get the phone or note, I dunno).

  • stevy k

    hi there folks does any body know the camera manufacturer of the camera used in the G4

  • Ashish

    Hey Andi,

    i am a daily reader of your blog, your the only person whom i can trust about china phone.
    I am not sure about Jiayu release in India. There is no confirmed or reliable source.
    It is not easy here in India to setup supply chains and sales stores.
    Even brands like Karbon and Micromax are strugling to setup the same.
    And their flagship models are sold at higher price by retailers since supply chain is weak. (shortage)
    Even if they open a online store, their story will be like Nexus 4, which is selling now at double price on ebay.
    do you have any confirmed news that Jiayu is going to launch in the Indian market ?

    By the way
    i booked a Jiayu G4 in presell one month back at aliexpress,
    I am very surprised to know that they have shipped the phone today.
    They also gave me tracking number of DHL
    the seller is reputed and 99% positive feedback.

    Can you shed some light on this ?

    • stevy k

      i purchased similar on aliexpress and seller was 99 percent but no sign of shipping, is it ok to post sellers name or is that possible….moderators what you think, just be interested to know coz the selller I purchased off said would be the first to get ,, yeah right lol

  • Whyzor

    While I like HW buttons (takes less screen space away), but why do so many Chinese manufacturers put the back button the right of the home button (ala Samsung), it should be on the left (ala Google pure Android). It’s more intuitive to have back on the left. Just a minor gripe. UMI seems to have figured this out.

    • I noticed that too Whyzor, and concluded that, although not the true Android experience (both wrong side and SW), being right handed, having the back button on the right hand side might actually make more sense as it’s easier o access there and generally used more frequently than the menu/multi-task button. V please the trend is for HW and not SW too!

    • Do we know if the G4 will have much of a custom on top of whichever version of Android t ships with?

      • Could be a LEWA ROM, but not sure yet

  • Mike C

    I’m in the USA – Will this phone work on T-Mobile? I know 4G won’t, but what about 3G speeds?

  • djeyar

    Physical home wake up button is missing

    • Jake

      I have a question all this talk about the G4 and everyone talks about what the features of this phone…but the last thing they talk about is the call quality! what kind of call quality does this phone have. for the love of God someone tell me!

      • atfos

        I do not know for Jiayu G4, but I just got my G3 and call quality is fantastic. In fact almost everything about this phone is excellent. I wanted to buy G4 but got fed up with waiting for it, and bought the G3. It is everything I need from my phone, and the speed is excellent. I must point out that I never play any demanding games on phones cause my choice for games would always be a PC and never a phone. GPS to my surprise is fine, and as fast as the one I have on my Iphone. Only thing that could be better is camera. So, not to turn this post in G3 review, my point is, if all this was already fine on G3 I would expect G4 to be at least on pair or better in all aspects. I always like to buy things when they are on market for some time, so I hope to get my G4 sometimes in 2014.

  • JSSilva

    Hi, congratulations for the excellent site.

    My car has a bluetooth adapter working with the SAP bluetooth profile, aka remote SIM or rSAP. It’s a Mercedes SAP V2 bluetooth adapter.

    HFP and ADSP profiles aren’t good enough.

    Do you know if G4 supports this bluetooth profile?

  • chezy86

    Can someone clarify that sim1 (micro) is the 3G data sim on the G4 and I read earlier that 3g might not work in the UK has anyone got one to confirm it does work. Keep up the good work this resource is awesome.

    • Hi look for Brian in the comments or forum he has a G4 in the UK and will be able to answer your questions.

  • Errol

    I live in Sweden and my telecom operator supports WCDMA 2100 like this phone do. Intermittently my Jiayu G4 Advanced disconnects from the network and gets a red cross where the network connection signal bars should be. Sometimes the connection works for days (only HSDPA) and I can use it for e.g. video streaming without hassle, then suddenly it starts to disconnect and connect in about 10 sec to 2 min intervals. I would definitely recommend NOT to buy this phone. I waited 6 months with my purchase to get this phone and apart from 3G and GSM this phone is great in many aspects, I like its look and feel and the build quality, but it doesn’t help. A 3G mobile should work with an operator that supports at least one of the WCDMA bands that the phone supports. Sorry to say this because it is a HUGE disappointment to me; stay off this mobile.

  • Belgian Dude

    Is there anyone else who has ghost touches?