JiaYu G4: Everything we know and all your questions answered!

How much internal memory will the JiaYu G4 have?

Both versions of the JiaYu G4 come with built-in memory (ROM). The ‘Youth’ phone will ship with 4GB ROM, the ‘Premium’ version will get 32GB ROM.

Can I use and SD card with the JiaYu G4?

Jiayu G4 13 mega-pixel camera

Yes, both versions for the JiaYu G4 will have a micro SD card slot located under the rear cover above the battery. Both phones will accept SD cards up to 64GB.

What is the JiaYu G4 made of?

jiayu g4 internal chassis

The main chassis of the phone metal. All of the components attach to this metal frame with the plastic body fastened over the top. The rear case is removable to access the battery, SIM cards and SD card.

What size is the JiaYu G4.

The ‘Youth’ model with 1800mAh battery will measure 133 x 65 x 8.2mm. The ‘Premium’ G4 measures 133 x 65 x 10mm.

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