Neken N6 looks a lot like the iOcean X7!

Neken N6 looks a lot like the iOcean X7!


Neken have real eased renders of a new quad-core, full 1080 HD named the Neken N6, however is it really a Neken made phone or rebranded iOcean X7?

It’s common for domestic Chinese phone brands to be made by one another and rebranded as their own. Zopo and Hero often exchange branding on phones as do Alcatel and TCL. It now looks like Neken have either decided to go down the OEM route or have cloned the popular iOcean X7 for it’s new top-of-the-range handset.

The Neken N6 will be their flagship model for 2013 and packs all the great high-end hardware you would expect including a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 full HD display, quad-core MT6589 CPU plus impressive 5 mega-pixel front and 13 mega-pixel rear cameras.

No details as to when the Neken N6 will go on sale or at what price, but we will keep you posted.

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  • Danny Yu

    I find this so ironic. Someone copied the company who copied the Oppo Find 5.

  • XrainX

    “It’s common for domestic Chinese phone brands to be made by one another and rebranded as their own.”
    I think is more common that almost all no-name smartphones to be made in the same factory, for example Ningbo.
    I don’t believe that all these small chinese names which appear as mushorooms after the rain have their own factory.

    • Lola

      humm so what are you saying they re-brand the devices to compete with themselves?

      • XrainX

        Not to compete but to sell and each chinese want to eat from this market.
        Let’s say Ningbo prepared 10 models for MT6589. Each model can have different components like RAM, cameras, internal modules or antennas, or even back cases. Of course each component which can be changed have its own price. So is possible the same looking model to have different prices just because different brands chose different components.

        For example under the Star S5 Butterfly model we can have 10 different names with different prices just because they consider some components for their priority. And if you will buy the cheapest name of the same model you will pay the lowest quality in most cases.

        This story also explain why is no firmware support for many small brands: because they don’t have any developer team and are buying the stock firmware which is made only to work with their components.
        And if one clone have by mistake some wrong compiled firmware component will be possible to not have any firmware fix. Because they don’t know how to fix the problem. Maybe if that problem is very big they can go to Ningbo and ask for a fix.
        Do you believe that they are making the clone of the clone? Who will be first in the market will have higher prices. Than other companies will try to sell with better prices. Next stage is to cut the costs no mater the resulted quality.

        • Lola

          Thank you for the explanation
          i appreciated

        • There is also the matter of brand loyalty. Chinese phone fans are fanatic about their brands and will likely pay higher prices for a phone with their company of choice on rather than brand X.

          • Lola

            well i guess westerns are the same regarding apple and samsung although they’re the mighty ones now when it comes to fanboys

  • That’s a VERY interesting comment.

    I am about to start selling high quality, high spec’, low/medium priced, imported, Chinese smartphones in the UK.

    Maybe I should offer to provide a ‘simple’ service to the Chinese makers – to run a ‘warranty based’ replacement service in the UK – for their UK customers whose devices fail.

    My personal experience is VERY GOOD with a ‘standard’ Chinese imported, bog-standard smartphone – and I sense that overall warranty failure rates are NOT high. If they were; we’d be reading about them all the time – and we’re not.

    Watch this space …….

    • liam

      what will be the name of this said webshop? also, accepting PayPal is obligatory

  • k0m3n9

    Don’t think so. If neken n6 is re-branding of iocean x7, sure it can be flashed with variety of x7 roms out there without need to change the hardware lib. Have you try it?

  • Chris Dilger

    Is there a Neken website, or any way of contacting the company?
    Im looking for Kernel source to do a cyanogenmod port, and am just wondering if they would have a contact.

  • louis zhang

    yeah, i never seen so perfect Chinese brand phone before, it is a good phone in your hand, and if the screen is broken, maybe you replace a new at here: