Xiaomi M2S full specifications more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S4!

Xiaomi have done as we predicted and have launched an updated version of their flagship phone named the Xiaomi M2S. 2 versions of the new phone will be available, full specifications and details after the jump.

We knew that Xiaomi would launch an updated version of the Mi2 but what we didn’t realise was that they would launch 2 versions of the updated Xiaomi M2S!

Like the Mi2 the M2S will start at 1999 Yuan for the 16GB version with prices increasing to 2299 Yuan for the 32GB model, but unlike the Mi2 there the two M2S phones will have different rear cameras. The 16GB version will continue to use the 2nd generation 8 mega-pixel rear camera while the 32GB model will receive an updated 13 mega-pixel rear camera!

Both Xiaomi M2S models are powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor running at 1,7Ghz which Xiaomi claims scores 25,913 on Antutu! They go on to say the that the M2S is more powerful than the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 which scores 25,446.

The rest of the phone seems to be very similar to the current Mi2 with 2GB RAM, and 4.3-inch 720p display. Strangely there is not mention of the M2S getting NFC like the cheaper M2A!

Xiaomi fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan will be happy to know that Xiaomi will launch the new flagship phone in their regions and have set up new sites www.xiaomi.hk and www.xiaomi.tw.

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