Update: OrientPhone Mega 6.5-inch, 1080, quad-core phablet I would actually own!

We have added another video showing the Mega 6.5 running Modern Combat 4, plus a hands on.

Smartphones have been growing larger and larger ever since the start of the year, but only now do I feel the urge to pick one of these phablets up and it could be the OrientPhone Mega 6.5!

There have been 6-inch + phablets powered by Mediatek quad-core processor available for months, but they all seemed to be lacking in some area or another. Some older phablets had poor resolution display, other had poor cameos and most looked pretty ugly!

Yesterday we were introduced to the OrientPhone Mega 6.5, a Chinese Android phablet which boasts the best of the best and in an attractive body!

Just take a look at what the OrientPhone Mega 6.5 has to offer! a 6.5-inch 1080p display, 1.5Ghz quad-core MT6589T processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB memory, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 5 mega-pixel front, Android 4.2.1, 3150mAh battery and stylus!

OrientPhone Mega 6.5 full hands on

OrientPhone Mega 6.5 Nova 3 game test

OrientPad Mega 6.5 Modern Combat 4 test

Even the body is pretty attractive (in our opinion) and measures in at 172.9 x 93.1 x 9.5mm.
Actually after looking at the specs and the video it’s hard to see why anyone would choose a Samsung Galaxy Mega device when phablets like this are now on sale.

The OrientPhone Mega 6.5 is available to buy at OrientDeal for $319.68 which is a good price considering some 5-inch 1080 phones are priced at $300.

[templatic_contentbox type=”info” title=”Discount Code”] OrientDeal are offering GizChina readers a $10 discount on the OrientPhone Mega. The discount code to use is: gizchina10usd [/templatic_contentbox]
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