Neo N003 will ship to customers on August 8th, will you buy it?

We haven’t been following the Neo N003 saga very closely as the delays and changes were getting a little annoying, however for those Chinese customers still waiting for the phone the wait may finally be over.

Originally the Neo N003 was set to launch on June 25th, which was already much later than rival phone manufacturers had launched their phones. The date came and went without the phone arriving and news was quickly released claiming a processor upgrade was the reason for delay.

5 weeks on and Neo are now claiming that they will finally launch the Neo N003 tomorrow (8th August) complete with a leather case, OTG cable and screen protector offered as a kind of belated launch day gift. Unfortunately only the low-end N003 will launch meaning it will have just 1GB RAM and 4GB memory!

No word on when the 2GB RAM, 32GB memory version of the Neo N003 will go on sale. Are any GizChina readers still waiting for the N003? Is it really worth waiting for this phone when 8-core Chinese phones are just on the horizon?

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