Review: DLP Wifi LED Projector “PicoPro”

This week I had the opportunity to make a review of the LED projector that has sent to us the company Chinavasion.

The sample sent one of their LED Projectors, wifi enabled and which can be used to play locally (with USB or SD card) or play via Wifi using or PC, Mac or mobile device, their software supports almos all the systems.

First of all, lets see its specifications:

  • TI DL Technology
  • Resolution: 640 x 360 (nHD)
  • Focus: Manual
  • Brightness: 50 Lumens
  • Audio output: speaker and jack 3,5″
  • Audio power: 1W
  • Wifi: Dongle 802.11b/g/n
  • Wifi Modes: AP and Client
  • SD slot: yes, MicroSD upto 64 GB
  • Battery:  2500 mAh ( 90 minutes )
  • Charger: MicroUSB 1,5A
  • Remote control: yes
  • Dimensions: 146 x 74 x 17 mm.
  • Weight: 265 g.

In the beginning, when you open the projector, you feel that is well finished and little bit heavy, this is due the battery that allows work for around 90 minutes without any power plug. I decide to record the unboxing:

The first time you start to use it, you realize that with light, its image is not too bright, but, in a room with low light or totally dark you will see the very powerfull LED that the LED is carrying. It is much more than I expected before use it. From a distance of 3 meters, the screen projected is arround 2 meters wider and with a very good definition.

led projector wifi

Once you switch on the projector, you will see the menu of the photo. The options you can select is “Wifi Display” which are all related to remotely playing, and photo, office, music and video are for local playing (with USB or SD card). For remotelly playing it is needed to install the app that the device incluide inside, once you enter in Wifi Display options you will see the IP address of the projector and you can open a browser and connect to this ip and download for the device  you are using. With the app installed, you can send to the projector images, videos, pdfs, etc. Also the app allows split the screen in 4 areas and you can show different things in each one.

led projector wifi

Thanks to the remote control, you can control everything of the projector, so, this is perfect to see a film in the bed without need to wake up from it.

led projector wifi


To finish this small review about the LED projector, first of all I want to thanks to Chinavasion to send this sample for its testing, after this, I will comment the pros and cons found.

The LED projector is perfect for a dark room or with low light, it is normal as it has 50 Lumens, but, if you use in the dark is amazing, the definition allows you see a film, navigate, show photos, whatever, it is a very good projector. It is a good point also the battery, as you can carry with you and use it for 1 hour and a half without any power plug near and the weight, for this battery is not heavy. The charger is a micro USB so, it is also good because now almost all the people has one at home, to charge it a good speed, it is need it at least one charger 1A power.

led projector wifi led projector wifi led projector wifi

led projector wifi led projector wifi led projector wifi

led projector wifi led projector wifi led projector wifi

The things that can be improved, if you like a strong sound the speaker it is sounds good for a room, but not strong, so you will need to connect speakers to it if you want to listen the film with high quality sound. The wifi dongle is not very strong, I tested in my house and the buffer sometimes can’t be filled and the playback can be choped, but, I was testing from the farest point in the house with several walls in the middle, so, in normal distances, very good playback without any problem, my S3 also receives in this point the coverage with only 1 bar. The other possible improvements, are related to Spanish (some translations and the user manual, only in Chinese and English) but this is the English review, so is not a problem here, also in Spanish is not a problem, because it is very easy to use the projector.

Review video:

If you are interested in this LED projector, you can found it in the Chinavasion product page DLP Wi-Fi Projector “PicoPro” – 60 Inch Projection.

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