Oppo N1 spotted during filming of advertisement in Korea

Oppo N1 spotted during filming of advertisement in Korea


According to sources on Weibo Oppo have been in Korean filming an advertisement for the Oppo N1 ahead of Monday’s launch.

Insiders have reported that these photos were taken in Seoul during the filming of an Oppo N1 advert. We don’t get to see much of the phone (if it actually is the N1), but whatever the device it certainly looks large enough to be the 5.9-inch device.

oppo n1 render

Oppo’s team are heading to Beijing as we speak to get ready for Monday’s launch. Although Oppo have been strangely open about the N1’s hardware such as the 5.9-inch display, rear touch panel and optional rear camera lens, there are still certain details which remain a mystery.

Also on Weibo is a report from Chinese site CTech who claim the N1 will ship for between 3000-3500 Yuan ($490 – $571), less than previously rumoured prices.

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    after xiaomi m3 nothing care no phone will surprise me all is the same poor quality device and hihg priced

  • Girondinho

    The N1 is known as a photophone… so it is weird to see no APN on the back of this device!

    Maybe it’s not the N1, or the optional N-lens is not as so optional as that and it’s the real APN lens of the N1.

  • nicosen1

    I dislike soft key on the screen.

  • Allanitomwesh

    It’s large,but not much that it’s huge…interesting…