Xiaomi Mi3S to ship in April with 4G LTE support, along with...

Xiaomi Mi3S to ship in April with 4G LTE support, along with Xiaomi M3S


Just as we predicted, Xiaomi are expected to launch a 4G lte version of the Xiaomi Mi3 in April of this year. The Xiaomi Mi3S also appears to be the source of recent Antutu screenshots.

After leaked Antutu scores showed up for a mystery phone named the Xiaomi Mi4W, reporters have been snooping around to see if they can uncover any facts about this new smartphone. As we had already pointed out (and predicted last year) the benchmarks looked a whole lot like an updated Xiaomi Mi3S rather than whole new phone, and the latest reports see coberate this idea.

xiaomi mi4 antutu hero

According to sources, Xiaomi will launch the Xiaomi Mi3S in April. The phone will be visually the same to the current Xiaomi Mi3 but will receive some under the hood updates including 3GB RAM, an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and 4G lte support (FDD LTE / TD-LTE). The reports have only mentioned one version of the phone which will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor.

At the same time, Xiaomi are believed to launch a Xiaom M3S model and 2 versions of the Xiaomi Hongmi (Redmi) with at least one of these phones getting an octacore MT6592 chipset.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi have used the mid-life hardware update on their phones since the start, so it comes as no surprise that the Xiaomi Mi3S will launch so soon, but how about the Xiaomi mi4.

Sources have also found a few details about this phone too. Apparently the Xiaomi mi4 will launch in Q3, have a 2K display and be powered by a Snapdragon 805 chipset!

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  • The Chosen One

    Hey Andi,

    Almost 48hrs after I asked you last about MediaTeks’ 4G LTE Octa-Core launch they make an announcement.

    So lets do this {just in case they’re monitoring our conversations};

    Which manufacturer would launch the first MediaTek 4G LTE Octa Core Smartphone?

    I Say Zopo! What say you Andi?

    How soon will it launch?
    I say May! You?

    Bonus Guess open to all;
    Which manufacturer would launch the first 64bit MediaTek 4G LTE Octa Core Smartphone and what month?

    • Hmm interesting. I think Zopo will be one of the first too, with THL and TCL not far behind.

      Im going for an August launch for Medaitek 4G LTE phones.

      64Bit phones maybe start seeing the first around the end of the year?

      All just guesses made on my gut feeling so don’t be surprised if I’m totally wrong 🙂

      • Xiaolu

        They’ll leave it for the 1st September we’ve got this year (remember 2014 has 2 Septembers if I’m not wrong, and this is an special occasion, I’ve been told only happens every 300 years!).

        • arsalan

          I couldn’t understand that 2014 will be having 2 Septembers? What do you mean by this?

          • Xiaolu

            Well, Chinese use lunar calendar, so they have 360 days per year and every certain years they have to repeat one month.

      • JS

        Hmmm, maybe in the end of Q2 by the time of Computex 2014…

  • Simon

    What is the difference between the Mi3S & the M3S ?

    • Sergi

      They are the same phone, just two ways of calling it…

      • Simon

        Thanks for clarification 🙂

        • Rik

          thought one of those was for China only, not supporting WCDMA, could be wrong on the other hand ;p

  • china fan

    The Gizchina rumour mill for xiaomi phones that won’t be available to more than 10,000 people until next year is in full swing just as I said it would be the other day.

  • suzt

    hahaha, april this year??? that made me laugh

  • Dominic

    After the nonsense that was the mi3 release, I’ve learned with Xiaomi, it isn’t available until it’s actually in your damn hands between the delays and artificially limiting supply. I absolutely love their products, but their public relations and manufacturing chains need a compete overhaul