Lei Jun confirms a new Xiaomi phone is coming as more details...

Lei Jun confirms a new Xiaomi phone is coming as more details of the Xiaomi Mi3S emerge


Xiaomi boss, Lei Jun, spoke openly about a new Xiaomi phone model today and just moments later more leaked details of the Xiaomi Mi3S hit the social networks.

Judging by the timing of the leaks and proximity to the annual Xiaomi festival we believe the next Xiaomi phone Lei Jun refers to in the below Weibo message will launch on April 9th.

xiaomi leijun

This new phone is believed to be a new version of the Xiaomi Mi3 named the Mi3S. This new phone is believed to have support for 4G LTE networks, more memory and updated camera modules both front and rear. In addition to the Mi3S there could also be 2 new Xiaomi Redrice models launched on 9th April with the top end model sporting an octacore processor.

As always the Mi3S should cost 1999 Yuan for the base model and the Redrice phones should start at 799 Yuan. China will be getting these devices first with launches in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong occurring after.

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  • Allanitomwesh

    Isn’t Hong Kong in China?How comes the rest of the country gets a different launch?

    • antidumb

      hmmmm, i think maybe you’re from country with itty bitty area

    • Not quite as simple as that 😉

      • Allanitomwesh

        So i see.

    • 4tsretse


    • Kiswum

      As far as I know: Hongkong is a city in China, but has it’s own laws, coins and perhaps even a own passport (not sure about the last thing).

      • zippo_32

        thats just plain racism dude …

        • Hong Kong is a special zone of China. It is classed as a Chinese city, however Chinese citizens (from most parts of China) still need a visa to enter there. Chinese and Hong Kong citizens have different passports, the money is different, the language is different enough that my wife uses English there when we visit, and they drive on the left. Ask a Chinese person if Hong Kong is part of China and they say yes, ask a Hong Kong person the same and they will say no.

  • Arnaud

    Hello. If you want to test this phone on France. I’am tour tester… I have one Mi2 and i like Xaomi.
    With pleasure.

  • Aco Strkalj

    dank phone for a schwag price. gonna have to import one from shenzhen!

  • Better make a new Mi2 series model.

  • Oliver

    A successor after 4 months.. Makes me already regret having bought the Mi3 ^^

  • al14

    when will the mi3s be available in the USA?

  • dudee

    hey it’s 9th april today over here