FAEA’s 5-inch 1080p F2 and F2S NFC get $100 price cuts!

One among the few Chinese manufacturers to have shown interest in third party development for their phones, FAEA are offering two of their most powerful phones with quite a substantial discount.

The devices — the FAEA F2S and the F2 — are now available for just $149.99 and $99.99, which to me sounds like quite a lucrative deal. Of course the phones won’t have the build of an HTC M8, but for $150 you can’t really go wrong when you have a 5-inch 1080p display, NFC and a quad-core processor on board.

faea f2s

We did review the F2S sometime back, and found the device to be quite OK for the price. However, FAEA have been active on promoting 3rd party development on their devices, which is something we really like. MediaTek phones often have to bear the brunt of missing 3rd party (community) support.

FAEA also seem to be offering free express shipping on the devices, which only adds value to the deal. It isn’t clear if the discounted prices will stay, but if you are looking for a decent quad-core 1080p phone at the moment, this might be the time for you to jump the gun on one of the FAEA phones.

Thanks to Xavier for the tip.

The devices can be bought from FAEAmobile.com.

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