Chuwi to launch an MT6595-powered Lenovo Yoga impostor

Chinese tablet manufacturer Chuwi recently showcased a tablet, the design of which would ring a bell in minds of those who’ve seen the Lenovo Yoga before.

The device was showcased at the HTKDC exhibition in Hong Kong, and is yet to have a final specs sheet to boast of. However, two most striking features about the device are — the design, for obvious reasons, and the CPU it employs. It is none other than the MediaTek MT6595 which was showcased a few days ago, something which should make the device quite a performer if we go by what the MT6595 promises.


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The fact that it packs an MT6595 also hints to possible on-board LTE that the Chuwi tablet might pack, but there’s no word on that as yet. Chuwi might have well gone for a cheaper version of the MT6595 that comes without on-board LTE; MediaTek are known to produce their chipsets in an array of variants. More on this when Chuwi outs the device officially.

We’re guessing it would take Chuwi anything between a fortnight and a month to start rolling out the device in numbers, so if you do fancy this one keep an eye on your favourite reseller’s listings.

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  1. ¥math67¥
    April 18, 2014

    12-13inch with keyboard below 300$ please <3
    And with linux mint it would be so cool :p

    • Xiaolu
      April 19, 2014

      Ubuntu for me, please, but Mint would also be sweet! 😉

  2. torichance10k
    April 18, 2014

    U.S reseller iProTablet plans to carry this model – however, the Mediatek chip availability is 2-3 months away

  3. Clyde
    April 19, 2014

    they pay you to talk about chuwi ??
    you lose all crediblity when you presente real confirmed crappy brand like chuwi
    is no tablet more worse than chuwi

    stay away from this shit

    • Martin
      April 19, 2014

      so what do you recommend?

      • Clyde
        April 20, 2014

        I recommend dont buy brand make by factory hampoo ( chuwi , Ifive , hampe … ) i buy about 35 tablet from china i never see one working more than 12 month.
        chuwi is the worse dirty product stupid staff “engineer” make the software come from India and like india product is always buggy and never finished software. They need change model every 3 month and is always same story not finished product without solution than buy the new model.
        in 2013 is 30 % more E-waste than 2012 can thank you to chinese factory.
        If you want buy tablet to use better take taiwanese product like Asus.