Chuwi to launch an MT6595-powered Lenovo Yoga impostor

Chinese tablet manufacturer Chuwi recently showcased a tablet, the design of which would ring a bell in minds of those who’ve seen the Lenovo Yoga before.

The device was showcased at the HTKDC exhibition in Hong Kong, and is yet to have a final specs sheet to boast of. However, two most striking features about the device are — the design, for obvious reasons, and the CPU it employs. It is none other than the MediaTek MT6595 which was showcased a few days ago, something which should make the device quite a performer if we go by what the MT6595 promises.



The fact that it packs an MT6595 also hints to possible on-board LTE that the Chuwi tablet might pack, but there’s no word on that as yet. Chuwi might have well gone for a cheaper version of the MT6595 that comes without on-board LTE; MediaTek are known to produce their chipsets in an array of variants. More on this when Chuwi outs the device officially.

We’re guessing it would take Chuwi anything between a fortnight and a month to start rolling out the device in numbers, so if you do fancy this one keep an eye on your favourite reseller’s listings.

[Source, Via]
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