JiaYu G6 HD photos, launch date delayed till June!

JiaYu G6 HD photos, launch date delayed till June!

jiayu g6

JiaYu have posted some HD photos of their new JiaYu G6 phablet, but the bad news is we won’t see the G6 in stores until the end of the month!

The JiaYu G6, with its alloy body, Gorilla Glass panels, 1080 display and octacore processor, is exactly the device which JiaYu need to launch to combat the iOcean X8, but for unspecified reasons the launch has been put off until at least the end of the month!

The news will come as quite a blow to JiaYu fans wanting to get their hands on the companies first ever octacore phablet. Still the G6 could be worth the wait as it does boast wireless charging, a feature the X8 doesn’t offer. In the meantime fans will just have to make do with these HD Jiayu G6 photos.

JiaYu G6 photo gallery


In other news, I spoke to JiaYu today about a possible Android 4.4 update. Their answer was they might update MT6592 phones in the future, but their is currently no definite dates.

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  • kolyamba

    hello, sony xperia :3

  • Allanitomwesh

    Classic JiaYu. Here’s how it will pan out.Stall till june, release TD model.Stall till August, release WCDMA,promise 2.0ghz “S” model,likely with LTE MT 6595 ,stall till December, release TD model. See a pattern?

  • Manos

    They should use the 2.0ghz for this phone!

  • mersault

    Andy, is there a possibilty to check with Jiayu, when they will release Jiayu G4S 1GB RAM/4GB ROM? Thank you!

  • Randy Fabros

    Looks like the Fujitsu NX- F-06E…. looks classy, I like it… But again the DELAYS!!!!

  • Donuts

    Firstly can I say I have a Jiayu G3 and have been very satisfied with the quality for price of it.

    I would love to hear more solid information about the wireless charging. It seems the holes on the back are just connectors for a wireless charging receiver. Any images of this receiver would be great and if it’s included with the phone or an additional purchase? I assume it will work with any Qi charger transmitter.

    I would also love to know if there are any car cradles or desktop stands that integrate the wireless charging connectors as an integrated charging method. Either with 2 pins that connect or via a wireless charging transmitter.

  • Shania Mustafa

    Wow!!!! Very, very fine…..