$50 LTE phones on the way starting with the JiaYu F2

The JiaYu F1, a phone costing less than $50, could soon be succeeded by the new JiaYu F2 with LTE and equally low price.

JiaYu really hit the nail on the head with the F1. The phone offered everything you could want from a smartphone at a super low-price, and they soon could repeat the success with the new JiaYu F2.

According to reports from China, the JiaYu F2 will receive a quad-core MT6582 processor with MT5290 LTE modem. This should improve performance and data speeds significantly. The F2 could also get a 5-inch display, of unknown resolution.

Sources are saying the Jiayu F2 will cost around $50 in China, meaning around $70 internationally once resellers add their cut. We should also warn you all not to hold your breath as JiaYu are infamous for taking months to launch new products.

[ GizChina.es, Via ]
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