You can buy the Haval H1 SUV in China for only $11,000

Just as the smartphone market is exploding so too is the Chinese automototive industry and as giants clash prices continue to drop.

In China the small SUV shown in the photos here is named the Hover H1 and is aimed at young new drivers, or new families. Internationally the H1 is branded as the Haval, and jeep model you might have seen in the latest installment of the Expendable movies.

The H1 is more ‘soft roader’ than off roader and is really destined for the high street and as such boasts a compact body, dent defying plastic cladding and a rather good-looking two tone leather interior.

Greatwall Haval H1 SUV

Great wall, the manufacturer behind the Hover and Haval brands will be offering the H1 with a self developed 1.5L engine mated to either a 5 speed manual or 6 speed auto box.

Pricing in China will start at $11,000 for the base model rising to $13,500 for the top of the range version seen here. If you are not in China and fancy a Haval H1 then don’t worry, as Greatwall are expanding their market with Australia, UK and the US markets on their list.

Keep posted for more Chinese car news.

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