Guess the phone; What upcoming Chinese phone is shown in this leak?

leaked Chinese phone what is it

Posted today by @Kjuma is a photo of an unamed phone with the comment “Guess the phone”. A few ideas have sprung to my mind but which mobile device do you think has been spied?

On the one had it has become quite exciting that we have so many up and coming phones to look out for that we aren’t really sure which mobile phone we are looking at. On the other hand though the fact that the generic shape should lend itself to any number of phone makers is a little disconcerting.

My initial thought upon seeing the spy photo was the PPTV phone. This coming Monday, PPTV will release their first ever smartphone which rumoured glasses free 3D 2K display. The design of the phone does seem to match renders and leaks but there are other possibilities too.

Gizchina News of the week

Could this image show the Xiaomi Mi5? The design is white with a metal body and features hardware navigation buttons similar to a Xiaomi phone. Is this the first look at the Mi5?

Another possibility is the upcoming LeTV with Snapdragon 820. Not much is known about that phone yet, but this design doesn’t match the current LeTV line-up. The phone could even be a new IUNI device or one of the recently released 360 phones!

What do you think we are looking at here? What do you think of the design too generic? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. CiroD
    September 4, 2015

    My 1 cent for Xiaomi

  2. Kekrembec
    September 4, 2015

    Ugly black vitual bazels. So, f*ck it anyway…

    • E8hffff
      September 4, 2015

      How do you expect they make a screen right to the edge? There has to be some form of protection or it has to be embedded in glass which makes it very expensive.

      • quodvadis
        September 4, 2015

        They can make it, oh you know, not black and follow the color of the phone.

      • joe
        September 4, 2015

        The nubia z9 and the sharp aquos phone have bezelless screens.

        • E8hffff
          September 4, 2015

          Yeah and it cost $600 USD.

        • E8hffff
          September 4, 2015

          I’m guessing but the bezel-less screens would have integrated glass touch screen with the LCD, as opposed to separate items. Other words specialised single item vs off shelf items that phone manufacturers put together and mask.

    • Lars
      September 4, 2015

      They’re not that wide and if I have to choose between this and the way Motorola does it with the Moto G (plastic on top) then I prefer this. At least here it looks great when the phone is off but with the Moto it never does.

  3. realjjj
    September 4, 2015

    The bunny is Xiaomi’s mascot but this is no Xiaomi.
    The hardware buttons are the same Qiku is using (Xiaomi has different icons) so it’s either that or a Coolpad.

  4. Michael
    September 4, 2015

    Xiaomi mi5

  5. Chico Migraña
    September 4, 2015

    Looks like a Xiaomi Edge phone

    • RuR‎
      September 4, 2015

      I has no curved adges

  6. Bility
    September 4, 2015

    Find 9 maybe

  7. Bility
    September 4, 2015

    Find9 maybe because that’s what I am waiting for I need change my Find7

  8. Simon
    September 4, 2015

    The 7th month has already passed !

  9. RuR‎
    September 4, 2015

    Elephone P9000

    • Dante
      September 4, 2015

      Nah it looks different on its only officil spy photo

  10. rebirth
    September 4, 2015

    If not, then it is a copy of a Letv 😉

  11. Tal Bar
    September 4, 2015

    LeTV, i’m sure it’s LeTV!

  12. iguesstright
    September 4, 2015

    I think it’s one of those 360 phones linked by the author. Camera and mic holes seem to align perfectly with those in the 360 phones.

  13. Dante
    September 4, 2015

    Letv / Find 9 / PPTV

    • Alexis T
      September 4, 2015

      Can’t possibly be the Find 9.
      This phone is way too ugly for that ^^

  14. Yan
    September 4, 2015

    Definitely MI5

  15. Jay
    September 4, 2015

    PPTV for sure 🙂

  16. Cpaun
    September 4, 2015

    Xiaomi Mi5 probably. With updated Lollipop button design.

  17. Sam
    September 4, 2015

    Find 9

  18. Chandra Mohan
    September 4, 2015

    100% Mi5 because the theme, no other phones have this kind theme engine

  19. Rob
    September 4, 2015

    Mi5, this has Xiaomi written all over it.

  20. Tadej
    September 4, 2015

    Qiku 😉 promising brand!

  21. mario.barc
    September 4, 2015

    LeTV S820

  22. King
    September 4, 2015

    Mi edge? There is curve on the left or is it only me?

    • Cheema
      September 4, 2015

      Yes this is Xiaomi Mi edge

  23. yalok
    September 4, 2015

    If that is mi5, then I’m dissappointed.

  24. The Special Juan
    September 4, 2015

    Iphone 7
    Apple in all out copy android mode.

    • Marty
      September 4, 2015

      You maybe right now that I think about it.

    • french harp
      September 5, 2015

      apple wouldn’t be caught dead using those thick black bars

  25. Tal Bar
    September 4, 2015

    I guess, it’s LeTV, friends. Only compare the front camera, sensor and buttons with the picture from the link and you’ll see.
    The design not too generic. It’s not worse than most of existing phones. If the material’s it’s good enough and the LCD have genuine oleophobic coatin, the phone itself not so beefee -it’s good enough. For example, i loved design of new Lenovo Vibe P1 and was ready to order it untill i’ve seen the wide 1cm of the it’s body. I know, it have 5100mAh battery, but who’s really need it?

    • Joel Mercedes
      September 5, 2015

      Everybody!!! More battery is always good

  26. Joel Mercedes
    September 4, 2015

    I’m from Dominican Republic, crazy Samsung/Iphones mostly people around here but some of us have found the way to the Chinese Phone Market… But Many of this brands making crazy amount of phones no self centered ones, I say: any decent Chinese manufacturer should do this for 1only phone to take the market by storm without forgetting anything ANYTHING:

    A. 4000+mAh battery
    B. Forget the crap and hire cyanogen we will put desired launcher after no matter what.
    C. 18+mpx camera or more (budget dept.)
    D. 5 and 5.5 2k screens variants (FHD as minimum and 2k maximum)
    E. 4gb of some fast RAM
    F. 32 GB or more onboard storage
    G. Never forget the memory card reader
    H. A real 8mpx front camera with a led flash
    I. Full spectrum network bands support So not forgetting this or that band.
    J. Front squarish or back rounded fingerprint reader for bragging rights. Front square to match the screen shape or rounded in the back to match the round usual circle of the camera.
    K. Couldn’t care less about NFC or HOTKNOT as long as there is one, for bragging rights once again.
    L. Off screen gestures is a must, I’ve learned to love that stupid silliness a lot much more than what I spected. (Own a Ecoo 3gb e04)
    M. A decent SoC or even an overclocked mtk6752 and up (except the 6753 for obvious reasons) would do as long as it is cheap enough not to be a Qualcomm …

    After that mix I will fallow functionality over form, meaning, as long as it is not stupidly ugly I will throw my money over.
    Cheers, let me know if that’s just me…..

    • Muhammad Yasir
      September 5, 2015

      not bad .. but it will cost around $350 or more !

  27. Barbudo
    September 5, 2015

    maybe a french manufacturer.

  28. PaulBV
    September 5, 2015


  29. MickyLo
    September 6, 2015

    elephone p9000?

  30. MaxPower
    September 6, 2015