5 Chinese launches to watch this month

xiaomi launch october

This month is exciting, not because of all the candy I can eat on Halloween, but because there are at least 5 high-profile launches going on. Here are 5 Chinese launches to keep an eye on this month.

October is one exciting month! There are high-profile launches from plenty of Chinese phone brands, but the 4 we are most excited about are as follows. I have listed these launches in event date order and the first is today!

Nubia X8 – 15th October

nubia x8

The Nubia event is set to begin sometime today in China. The latest Nubia phone from ZTE has been seen in leaked photos that show the device with a bezeless body, and side fingerprint scanner. Sources also say that this flagship will come with USB Type C, 4GB RAM and most likely a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.

We hope to have the full official details of the Nubia X8 later today so keep posted.

Xiaomi – 19th October

Xiaomi shocked everyone with news of a launch event taking place on the 19th and since then have posted a couple of teasers about their upcoming product. As far as we can tell the new device will come in two parts that can be easily connected and disconnected. Our guess is a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 with larger 9.7-inch display, magnetic keyboard and running Windows 10. Will we be right? Find out on the 19th October.

Gizchina News of the week

Meizu Meilan Metal – 21st October

Meizu are once again shadowing Xiaomi’s launch dates with their release scheduled for the 21st October. This time around the phone maker is expect to launch a new smartwatch, and a metal bodied version of the budget Meizu M2 Note. The metal body of the phone has already been leaked along with a possible name of Meilan Metal (Blue Charm Metal). The 5.5-inch phone should come with similar hardware to the Meizu MX5 but cost as little as 1099 Yuan.

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LeTV – 27th October

letv le 2 x500

The 27th of October will see LeTV release one (possibly 2) new phones. Not much is know about their plans, but rumours are suggesting a new budget phone named the LeTV X500 with Helio X10 chipset that may cost around 999 Yuan. There is also the chance we will see a 2nd generation LeTV Le Max model and some new accessories from the company.

OnePlus – 29th October

Like Meizu, OnePlus could launch both a new phone and a wearable. It’s thought that the wearable will be a fitness band named the OnePlus X, while the phone is the OnePlus Mini. The OnePlus Mini has already been seen in TENAA and FCC documents with dual 2.5D glass panels, metal chassis, USB Type C. It is possible the OnePlus Mini will come with a Mediatek chipset too!

So 5 exciting launches to get your teeth in to before the Trick-or-Treaters come knocking. Which event are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. E8hffff
    October 15, 2015

    And 20th-31st sometime then is Vowney launch.

    • Manu
      October 15, 2015

      its said to be the 31st but we´ll see about that at first it was supposed to be 26th august^^

      • E8hffff
        October 15, 2015

        Lets hope. I’m confused with ElephoneMobile.com listing a grey colour for 4GB version but it seems the grey signifies the Lite Versions. I really want a grey coloured one, but not a Lite Vowney. I’m ZERO interested in the Lite Vowney.

    • MaxPower
      October 15, 2015

      Elephone usually does it on February the 30th.

  2. Valent1
    October 15, 2015

    Hello guys, about the Nubia x8, this is from the (official?) web site. http://www.nubiamobileshop.com/nubia-x8-smartphone.html

    5120mAh battery and 6″ screen with 2k resolution, no price yet.

  3. Valent1
    October 16, 2015

    Something went wrong with the nubia évent ?

    No news anywhere, it was supposed tout happen yesterday.

  4. Ambiya
    October 16, 2015

    I hope Xiaomi will launch Android 6.0 for Mi devices

    • zdanee
      October 19, 2015

      Actually since the MIUI completely overwrites the default Android UI I find it unimportant what version of Android is underneath as far as it performs well. But that’s just me.

  5. Tajwar
    October 16, 2015

    Can’t wait