Gionee S6 goes live in China for $265 (1699 Yuan)

Gionee’s new S6 is now official in China for a starting price of 1699 Yuan or roughly $265.

The S6 looks a lot like the Letv Le 1s (unboxing and first impressions), but as you would’ve learnt to expect from Gionee, the S6 isn’t as affordable as the Le 1s.

Let’s dive into the specifications real quick. The Gionee S6 has a 5.5-inch 1280 x 720p AMOLED display, and is powered by the MediaTek MT6753 octa-core processor running at 1.3GHz. With that, the phone has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage at its disposal.


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Gionee claims the S6 is capable of returning 18.8 hours of talk time and upto 342 hours of standby time thanks to its 3150mAh battery. Other specifications of this new Gionee phone include a 13 mega-pixel rear camera and a 5 mega-pixel front facing camera.

To think of it, the specs sheet of this phone (minus the battery, of course) match one-to-one with that of the Gionee GN8001 phablet that leaked earlier today. Gionee either have a lot of the MT6753’s lying around, or they really have faith in the octa-core 64-bit chip from MediaTek!

While the GN8001 is a massive phablet, the new S6 is it’s design opposite; it’s thin and svelte at 6.9mm, and comes in bling — Gold and Platinum.

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  1. Tajwar
    November 16, 2015

    This is just stupid useless

  2. Xiaolu
    November 16, 2015

    I’d go hands down for Letv X600… better specs (apart from design and perhaps battery) 40% off that price!

  3. balcobomber25
    November 16, 2015

    This is incredibly cheap for a Gionee lol. It’s a smart move though to use a 720p with the 53/35 series of chips. Those chips are designed with efficiency in mind, with a 720p it should have epic battery life.

  4. Gal
    November 16, 2015

    I think they meant 120$. Or maybe that’s a price for the double package 🙂

  5. Roberto Tomás
    November 16, 2015

    doesn’t make any sense .. owuld have made sense a year ago but not any more.

    that amoled is tarnished by its only 720p resolution.. the 3GB ram is good, but certainly doesn’t add more than ~$20 to the value. It should be 699兀 not 1699兀

    • balcobomber25
      November 17, 2015

      You must not be aware of Gionee pricing. $265 for a Gionee is a steal lol. And the 720p with that SoC makes a lot of sense. That SoC is designed for efficiency why ruin that efficiency with a resource hogging 1080p display? Not to mention the performance will be better running a 720p. I wish more phones with this SoC would use 720p.

      • Roberto Tomás
        November 17, 2015

        You are right, I’m not aware of Gionee really. If I might ask: What do they offer for the extra cost? Is it a build quality and materials thing, or what?

        • balcobomber25
          November 17, 2015

          Gionee new models typically cost from $4-650 depending on the model. Gionee is a brand you either love or hate, personally I am one of their biggest fans but I don’t really like this phone. I love Gionee because for three reasons:

          1. Build quality – every Gionee phone I have owned has had exceptional build quality.
          2. Cameras – I have never used a Gionee and had a bad camera, most have been very good to excellent.
          3. Design – Gionee has always had some of the best designs in the industry, which is why I am baffled by their decision to make what looks like a clone phone.

          Some things I never lied about them:

          1. Pricing – their phones are expensive compared to comparable models. But they do slash prices a lot quicker than most companies. 6 months from now this phone will be sold for under $150.

          2. Software. – Amigo OS is a buggy mess which seems to get worse with each iteration. But Gionee phones are usually pretty easy to root (king root usually works) and their is a decent modding community for them.

          3. Availability – They can be hard to find on the reseller market. Not many resellers stock Gionee phones. But their phones are sold in many countries under sub brand names like Blu in the US (and often sold much cheaper).

          So even with the negatives I have there is a flip side to each one.